Best eco friendly roof design tips for modern homes — Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save

Best eco friendly roof design tips for modern homes - Promoting Eco Friendly Lifestyle to Save

Best eco friendly roof design tips for modern homes

The concept of green homes is designed to conserve the energy competence and to be responsible for an eco friendly environment. Moreover green homes amalgamate diverse ideas toward the environment and they ensure sustainability in their projects. Subsequently it is necessary to consider the roofing material in a house, which should be durable, low maintenance and reflective. Hence all the aspects of the house from the interior to exterior designs should be implemented with an eco friendly touch.

Eco friendly roofs

Typically eco friendly roofs are considered to be a latest advancement implicated in order to protect the environment from all natural disasters. Generally white or light colored roofs will reduce the heat and gradually maintain the overall temperature to be low. This color variation is effectively imputed so that the heat doesn’t transfer directly into the house. Perhaps many eco friendly homes utilize seam metal roofs, which are light in color and at the same time require low maintenance. The Photovoltaic panels are easily fixed or the film panels can be nestled between the seams.

Eco roof made from Recycled Rubber tires

Consequently the Cedar shakes and asphalt shingles are the two common roof designs available in the market. But when you want an eco friendly roof, then it is better to devour a rubber roof made with recycled tires. However the recycled shingles will look like the actual strip even after 10 years of its fixation and it is very easy to install. The rubber roofing will definitely create an impact in the near future and people will start adhering this solid roofing in all the new construction works.

Apart from this, a home which uses eco roof can indent an average of 400 tires, which will exhibit from the landfill. The shakes are approved to be a quality product, which has all essential features such as durability, non pro rated warranty for a period of 50 years.

Eco friendly roof designs

As people have a great interest in leading an eco friendly life, the market offers them a wide array of options to suit their needs, budget and other preferences. So it is vital to select the right type of roof design, which will let to live a safe, healthy and eco friendly life. mentioned below are a few design options that you can choose from

Great American shake roof

This particular roofing system will massively add value to your house and it was placed in the market since 1970’s with its endowed beauty. Perhaps the American shake roof is termed as Energy star partner product and it exhibits great ability to conserve energy.

Centura steel Shingle

Basically an investment in Centura steel shingle roof will transplant a solid look to a modern home. Mainly this roof concentrates on serving its durability on an eco friendly base.

A few essential tips

There are many roof design tips with a way to implicate for modern homes and it involves a clear insight into the guidelines before procuring a roof design in the market. Also green roofs will add more value to a modern home as it will make your home look ultra stylish. Now let us gaze at the few eco friendly roof design elements in the following

Long life roofs

Even Asphalt composition shingles are considered to be one of the popular roof designs which impute a long life and charge a low price. Hence it is necessary to select a light colored roof which will eventually help to reflect the sun.

Green roofing

It is critical to install green roofing as it is cost efficient and attractive. Subsequently using green roofing system will automatically give extra insulation and finally result in energy consumption. Further it can be used for a particular part of a roof or for the entire roof. Ironically there are many environmental benefits when a green roof is fixed in your modern home.

The green roof can be created using waterproof membrane and light weighted soil. Rather you can accumulate a perfect green roofing system will all the essentials and implement it in the house. Moreover the green roofs will make your interior to look stunning and it will certainly save the money towards maintenance charges.

Approximately 90 percent of rainfall will be absorbed by a green roof as it gradually reduces the drainage requirements of the entire building. Also a water retention layer is plated in order to enhance safety. Generally the waterproof membrane, which is fixed beneath the soil will safeguard the roof surface from the dangerous ultra violet radiation and temperature fluctuation patterns.


Eco friendly roof designs enhance the value of your green homes, protecting it and providing aesthetic look to a modern home. The the above is a detailed account of selecting the right kinds of roofs. Make prudent choices in the present as green is most likely to become the future way of living.

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