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Cedar Shake Roof Repair - Verrone Roofing

Typically if cedar shake roof repair is needed in an area as a result of premature failure or old age failure it is likely other areas of the same roof suffer from the same issues. Therefore it is not often that cedar shake roof repair is a viable option, often replacement is the solution.

This being said repairs can be an effective solution, provided that certain criteria are met. As an example, this 12 year old wood roof has typical premature buckling, curling, lifting, splitting, and there are wood shingles falling out. Given the fact that most of the wood roof is this way, the only way to repair this is to completely remove it and replace it.

Wood shingles unlike all other types of pitched roofing materials have a few unique dynamics.

1. An 18 shingle at a five inch exposure (the part of the shingle you see) means that 13 other inches of shingles are buried (head lap) under two courses of shingles above it. No other pitched roof material has such a long head lap that extends not just under the shingle above, but additionally the next one as well.

2. A wood shingle roof is nailed down tighter than any other type of pitched roof material.

So the fact that the top of the shingle is so far buried under the two courses of wood shingles above it and that all of them are very tightly nailed makes it very difficult to remove shingles in the middle of a cedar roof and get them back into the roof in an integral sound fashion.

Specifically, once you slide the wood shingle under the shingles above it, nailing it is an impossible thing to do per the proper methods of nailing. The reason is that the courses above are so rigidly tight, they cannot be bent up to nail the shingle down or manipulated in any way to accomplish this. They are spring loaded tight.

This being the case, the best method of cedar shake roof repair is to remove whatever area is in need of repair all the way to the ridge (the peak). This insures that no shingles will be slid under any others and that the shingles will be properly nailed directly above the course line.

This protocol makes it so that shingle repairs become much larger per area of repair than the actual area in need of repair. An example is if there is an area at the bottom of the roof being repaired, it now is going to extend to the ridge, so its size has grown, and in most cases greatly.

Cedar Shake Roof Repair - Verrone Roofing

In this same scenario, starting at the bottom of the wood roof where the repair starts, on the right and on the left the wood shingle removal and replacement must stagger from the right diagonally outward moving up to the ridge and from the left the same. So cedar shake roof repair starting at the bottom of a wood roof will look like a pie slice, starting skinny at the bottom and wide at the top.

In doing this, there is now the ability to properly nail each shingle. The pie shape repair starting wide at the bottom of the roof and thin at the top is wrong as there is no ability to be able to nail the shingle on the right side of the shingle when working on the right side or on the left side of the shingle when working on the left side of the pie.

This example is the only way to accomplish cedar shake roof repair properly.

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