Greenstone Slate Company Nu-lok™ Lightweight Genuine Slate Roof

Greenstone Slate Company Nu-lok™ Lightweight Genuine Slate Roof

Greenstone Slate installation with Nu-lok

The lightweight, walk-able, genuine slate roof solution

with integrated solar panel option

Nu-lok offers an alternative to traditional slate roof installation that still creates a genuine Vermont slate roof but uses up to 40% less slate, reducing material cost and roof weight. Nu-lok utilizes premium components that are designed to last, taking full advantage of slates longevity. A Nu-lok slate roof installation is more energy conserving, as it is installed on a grid system that naturally ventilates the roof. The slate density helps to stabilize interior temperature, and available integrated solar panels that set flush with the slates, create a truly 21st century roof solution while retaining the traditional benefits of slate. The Nu-lok Roofing System has been installed on thousands of roofs worldwide since its introduction in the 1980s.

The benefits are far reaching in overall roof cost reduction, reduced material needs, substantial weight reduction, increased building energy efficiency and a better overall environmental impact than the vast majority of synthetic or man-made roofing solutions.

Cost efficiencies of the Nu-lok slate installation system

  • Reduced overall roof weight (as compared with traditional slate installations) keeps roof structural costs minimized.
  • Simple install and service with Nu-lok batten/grid system uniform support for the slates for the worlds first walk-able slate roof; removes need for specialized installation labor.
  • Energy conservation and environmental friendliness Nu-lok is a long-term roofing solution that reduces heating and cooling costs, needs less roofing materials, offers elegant solar panel integration and keeps up to five asphalt roofs out of our landfills.

A Nu-lok installation uses less slate by dramatically reducing the slate overlap that is required in traditional installations.The Nu-lok system and slate weighs less than six pounds per square foot, which is within the design parameters of most structures.

The photos at the left show the Nu-lok patented design. It utilizes galvanized battens, Galvalume Link Channels (slate support) and stainless steel clips to hold the slates securely in place. Water is guided down the roof by Nu-loks Link Channels that also uniformly support the slates, making the roof walk-able.

Replace a cedar shake roof with slate

For those seeking to replace a cedar shake roof with a roof that has an extended life span and distinctive look, Nu-lok makes a slate roof an easy upgrade solution, with the accompanying increase in property value.You can now install a genuine slate roof without the need for additional roof structural support (see our documentation or call us for specifications), and a Nu-lok/Greenstone slate roof can be installed by nearly any professional roofing installation crew.

Greenstone Slate Company Nu-lok™ Lightweight Genuine Slate Roof

Easy maintenance for the property owner

For the property owner, the Nu-lok slate roof is ultra-easy to maintain .Slates are held in place by stainless steel clips that allow easy removal for deck access or individual slate replacement and since it is walk-able, it is arguably the most serviceable roof available.

Product Applications

Benefits of Nu-lok / Greenstone Slate over other roof materials

Nu-lok Installation System and Greenstone Slate are Miami-Dade approved

Greenstone Slate and the Nu-lok installation system have been tested and accepted in Miami-Dade County, Florida, for use as a roofing material in all areas including hurricane zones.

Solar Panel integration available with Nu-lok Roofing System

and Greenstone Slate

The Nu-lok Roofing System is ready to include SolarRoof for photovoltaic solar panel / slate roof integration. Nu-lok SolarRoof photovoltaic panels are designed to fit directly within the Nu-lok slate installation system, creating an integrated roof that generates power, while still offering a truly aesthetically pleasing solar roof solution. In addition to the energy producing benefits of adding solar panels to a slate roof, the energy conserving benefits of a Nu-lok slate roof are significant. No other roof has the density and reflective properties of Vermont slate. And the Nu-lok batten support structure self ventilates (making it ideal for solar panel application), creating an insulating barrier of air between the slate and the roof deck increasing energy savings still further.

Solar panel installation now or later with Nu-lok

All new and existing Nu-lok/Greenstone roofs are solar-upgradable. The Nu-lok SolarRoof panel system is modular so it can be installed or expanded upon at anytime.

To learn more about installing a Greenstone genuine slate roof with the Nu-lok installation system and Nu-Lok SolarRoof technology please contact us or call us toll free at 800.619.4333. We will gladly provide further information on this exciting development in slate roofing.

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