Pressure Washer How To Wash A Roof

Pressure Washer How To Wash A Roof


While professionals can expect to complete roof cleaning jobs in a timely fashion, a do-it-yourselfer may take a little longer. However, by using our pressure washers and following directions, you can achieve professional results and have a brand new looking roof, all by yourself, within a reasonable time frame, without killing your plants and grass! It’s safe to say that its impossible to control all variables, but you can fight them and win with preventative maintenance services or long term protection. Our #513 Mach 1 Degreaser is ideal for most roof cleaning applications.

Black staining is caused by the growth of algae and fungus spores that land on your roof, (Staining is not caused by pollution, soot or jet exhaust). These spores need three things to grow: heat, moisture and some kind of nutrient. The nutrient comes from dirt and the shingle itself, primarily the limestone filler used in manufacturing the granules. Shingle roofs are manufactured with different degrees of quality. Pricing is one way to tell the quality of a roof and the manufacturer warranty is another. Most roofs applied by builders and roofing contractors are in the low to medium quality range. Higher quality roofs are generally found on expensive custom homes and where the owner has taken a special interest in the quality of the roof.

Clay tile roofs are fragile and caution should be taken when walking on these roofs. Wood shingle roofs will require the least amount of pressure at about 1000 PSI or less. When pressure washing any roof use caution around flashing. Never pressure wash at an angle that will allow water to flow up the roof and under the shingles. Bleach should not be used on shingle or wood roofs as it will cause damage. You never want to try to pressure wash from a ladder. The pressure from the wand can knock you off balance.

To protect your roof from early replacement, annual pressure washing is recommended. You will want use between 1000-1800PSI depending on your roof material. Metal roofs are becoming more popular because of price and the length of time it lasts, a higher pressure may be used on these type roofs. You should always contact the roofing material manufacturer to find out recommended pressures for their product. You may want to try an extension wand for those hard to reach places.

A note of caution: Cleaning your roof by yourself can be hazardous. Roofs over a 7/12 pitch are not walkable, even for trained professionals. A roof is not going to clean itself nor is it only going to take five minutes. Cleaning a roof is a project that is going to take some time and effort and a few trips up and down the ladder. For those who want the best tool for the job, and the safest way to clean your roof, you’ll want our Mosmatic DR 520 Roof Cleaner .

    0 Spray Tip RED — This tip is not recommended for wood applications, its

stream of water is to narrow and concentrated. This tip would be ideal for concrete, and metal.

15 Spray Tip YELLOW — This tip is a heavy duty cleaning or stripping tip. You

can use this tip for cleaning concrete, loose paint, and driveways.

25 Spray Tip GREEN — This tip is for general washing purposes. You will find yourself using this tip for your deck, siding, and your car.

40 Spray Tip WHITE — This tip has the least amount of impact. The white tip is great for rinsing, cleaning out your gutters, and other sensitive jobs.

NOTICE: Amazing Machinery and/or the author of any listed instructions on this website are in no way and/or can not be held responsible for any damage and/or injury to any person, pressure washer, or property being pressure washed by anyone attempting to perform the recommendations contained herein. Always read the product manual and use your pressure washer in a safe manner.

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