Re-Roofing Specialists since 1922

Re-Roofing Specialists since 1922

Dominion Roofing is the Premier, Professional Re-Roofer in Southern Ontario. offering Reroofing Services for ALL Roofs since 1922 .

It is common knowledge that in the Re-Roofing industry the components necessary to complete a Re-Roofing project are widely available but the expertise and knowledge required to provide the necessary Re-Roofing application is where many Re-Roofing Companies fall short!

For over 90 years. Dominion Roofing has been Reroofing & Reshingling in Southern Ontario with the highest quality Reroofing for all types of Roofs. Dominion Roofing has Serviced over 1,000,000 Roofs!! Our prompt, friendly and professional Reroofing Service. backed by our status as a fully licensed, insured and bonded Reroofer. allows us to ensure every Dominion Roofing customer is a satisfied customer.

We are extremely honoured to have been awarded the prestigious Sub Contractor of the Year Award by The Greater Toronto Home Builders Association.

As the leading Re-Roofer in Toronto. we have extensive experience Re-Roofing and Reshingling any kind of Roof on the market. Dominion Roofing Re-Roofs have included slate, cedar, cement, ply, asphalt, shingle, tar, tile, sheet metal and steel Roofs in Toronto, Hamilton, Oshawa, Barrie and their surrounding areas. With our fleet of over 30 trucks and staff of more than 120 people we can handle any job!

100% Guarantee!

With our 100% Guarantee on all materials and workmanship, having your Re-Roof by Dominion Roofing is one of the best investments you can make in your home. In the unlikely event that our Re -Roofers feel your Roof is beyond satisfactory Repair and a New Roof is recommended, we will tell you so up front. Plus, should you decide to proceed with a New Roof. we will deduct the price of your Re-Roof from the cost of installing a New Roof.

We can troubleshoot your Roofing and aluminum problems and Repair them to your satisfaction using only Top Quality Roofing materials. We also Specialize in Installing Heater Cables. specifically designed to ensure that the water runs off your roof during the colder months, which helps to prevent damage to the inside of your home from ice and snow back up.

Do I have to replace my Roof?

You don’t have to Replace your roof because its tiles, shakes, or shingles are damaged, bare or missing you can Re-Roof. The damage is more often than not cosmetic in nature, meaning you can pay less to fix the problem with our Re-Roofing & Reshingling Services. When your Roof is leaking, we work quickly to protect the felts from UV rays to prevent further failures and leaking. Your Roof will be Reshingled and your Roof will be as good as new.

When it comes to any Reroofing project, Dominion Roofing has the requisite skills as a Re-Roofer to Re-Roof any type of Roof including but not limited to, metal, tile (as well as single ply systems EPDM, PVC, TPO, modified bitumen, liquid applied and built up systems.

Our goal is to understand your Re-Roofing needs and concerns and to match them with a Re-Roofing solution that surpasses your expectations.

Many Re-Roofing Companies will only offer an option for a complete new roof, but at Dominion Roofing we will do all we can to ensure that does not have to happen. Many times we can Re-Roof or Reshingle a Roof rather than Replace in cases of leaks or wind damage. Rest assured that if your Roof needs to be Re-Roofed you are in good hands.

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