Shingle Roofing v Roofing

Shingle Roofing v Roofing

Now it is time to get a new roof, you have had your home for ten years. You have a shingle roof and although you have not had a problem until now you are looking at your options for your replacement. You know you do not want metal but you have heard about tile and are considering it.

Your first step is to research the shingle versus the tile to see what the advantage will be. You know there will be a cost difference so you want to make sure you do it for the right reasons and that it makes good financial sense too. Your neighbor has given you the name of a company to check out and you know that Sears also does home services so these are the two companies you will compare to see if they will help make the decision easier for you.

You have called both and they have you on the schedule. One is coming tomorrow night the other is coming the night after so within a few days you will be ready to see where you need to go for the financing and how much this new roof for your home is going to cost you. One of the things that you heard is tile offers a stylish appearance which can complement the home. Plus, it is an extremely hearty roofing material with a long (40-50) life expectancy. A tile roof reflects the sun by up to fifty three percent and dissipates heat more efficiently. By comparison to asphalt shingles reflect less than ten percent of the suns energy.

There are also clay roofing products that deliver thirty six percent less ceiling heat that concrete tile. This minimizes dramatic swings in ceiling temperatures saves energy and reduces strain on your homes cooling systems especially during expensive peak periods. Concrete holds heat and releases the heat faster than an asphalt shingle and concrete tile for greater energy efficiency. So, as you can see it is not just a matter of saying I want a tile roof it is a matter of seeing what types of tile are available to choose from and to compare the differences between them and the asphalt shingles that you are accustomed to seeing.

No matter what you decide you will not be wrong with your decision. There are times that you want to upgrade and in the end you find that you are not able to or after seeing what the end cost will be you are not willing to spend that kind of money at this time. Any type of roof will get you through a period of time. If you need it for ten years then go with the shingles. If you want to make the investment because you want this to be the last roof you put on the house then look at a tile roof and see what will work for you. Only you can decide what is best for you and your budget.

About the author: Shawn Hickman is the Search Marketing Manager for Sears Home Improvements. If you would like more information on Shingle Roofing vs. Tile Roofing. visit the Roofing Services section of the Sears Home Services website or call 1-866-238-5142.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you install those metal roof tiles. Is it a do-it-youselfer or do I need to call someone?


    What is better, metal tile roof or light weight tile roof?

    My house has shake roof. We plan to reroof this summer. Please let me know advantages and disadvantages of metal tile vs ceramic lieght weith tiles. Thanks!

    There are clay, concrete and wood/cement fiber roof tiles, but I am not familiar with ceramic unless you are referring to the ceramic granules that are used to surface some brands of metal tiles.Metal tiles are durable, cost efficient and light weight. The ones with the ceramic granules will reflect more heat than the crushed stone ones, but the ceramic colors will fade more than the natural stone.

    Clay tiles are light weight and will last a lifetime, unless broken from impact, but you will pay dearly for the real clay. Clay is the color of the natural soil that is is made from so the color doesnt fade.

    Concrete is very heavy and is usually painted, so the finish eventually weathers off and you see the typical gray concrete color coming through. Since the concrete is so heavy, most structures require added support to firm up the roof deck. There are lighter weight concrete tiles available, but these are made with wood fiber filler and break very easily. Most structures will need framing support added for these also.

    For the best price, metal tile is a very good choice and most will have a manufacturers warranty for 50 years


    what is the price difference in installing a metal roof and a dimensional tile roof?

    we have 7000.00 to put on a roof.How much more is it durable

    To answer your question………… at least twice as much……. Better grade roofs can run 3 and possibly 4 times as much.

    If installed correctly they are extremely durable and will last you upwards of 50 years.

    If I were a metal roof salesman sitting with you at the table, playing with numbers, I could show how in a 15 year span, a metal roof will cost you less than a dimensional….but I am not a salesman ……….however I am a very pleased metal roof homeowner.


    Which roof is better for a house in Seattle WA? Clay tiles or metal? Pros and cons of each?

    Lots of rain in Seattle. Can be cold in winter (not as bad as Minnesota or the Northeast, but not warm). Any suggestions you might have will be appreciated. Thanks.

    Metal is always the best! Nut it is pricey! Normally guaranteed for 50+ years.


    Is it a bad idea to put a metal roof on my house?

    So many farm buildings have metal roofs and me and my wife really like the way they look. They age so nicely, with rust and moss.Is there a reason that metal is not used more often on houses? With decent insulation (30cm) would it be noisy?

    Im guessing its much cheaper than slates / tiles, much easier to fit, stronger, easier to maintain. Does anyone have any bad experiences with metal roofs? Any reasons not to use this on a house?

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