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Standing Seam Metal Roofs Canyon State Roofing & Consulting - YOUR Arizona Roofing Company

Here is an example of a Standing Seam Metal Roof we installed

One of my favorite type of pitched roofs to install is a Standing Seam Metal Roof ( SSMR ). Generally, they are put together like a big puzzle, and the end result is beautiful! The clean lines of a standing seam metal roof can add to the beauty of any structure WHEN DONE CORRECTLY. Canyon State Roofing & Consulting is Licensed, Bonded and Insured to install Metal Roofs for both Commercial and Residential buildings. We have experience on dozens of metal roof projects, and we are known in Phoenix to be THE go-to roofing contractor of Metal Roofing needs.

Here is an example of a commercial Standing Seam Metal Roof we installed.

Here are a few things to consider when deciding on a standing seam metal roof:

1. How many Standing Seam Metal Roofs has your roofing salesman sold? If your roofing salesman is not a true Journeyman roofer, it can be very easy to mis-measure, or design the layout completely incorrectly! Standing Seam Metal is very different from any other type of roofing material. With Shingles or Tile, many times all the salesman has to do is take the correct measurements, and generally, the material order and install can be successful. With a Standing Seam Metal Roof, a very methodical approach to each measurement, and the complete overal design needs careful planning. ONLY A TRUE JOURNEYMAN ROOFER WITH MANY YEARS OF ROOFING EXPERIENCE should have a hand in the design of your new Standing Seam Metal Roof. Most roofing companies hire salesmen that are the middle man for the project. Your salesman may have had previous experience in selling concrete, home selling, or even car salesmanship, or worse, a storm chaser. But how much actual ROOFING experience does your salesperson have, and moreover, how much METAL ROOFING experience do they have?

This is a Before Pic of a Roof with Wood Facia- Water was whicking through the wood, ruining the roof and walls. We went back with a Standing Seam Metal Facia, which was both visually appealing, and structurally sound.

This is an After photo of a Standing Seam Metal Facia Replacement.

2. How many Standing Seam Metal Roofs has the Installation Team installed? It is very easy to flub a metal roof install if you dont have a lot of experience with this. The worst part is, once you start a botched metal roof install, most times, there is no going back and fixing it. You have to completely rip off the roof, order new materials, and start completely over. Not only will you be out time, but also possibly thousands of dollars! Be sure to find out how much experience the installers have on Standing Seam Metal Roofs.

3. What type of warranties does the manufacturer of the Standing Seam Metal Roof offer? What type of workmanship warranty will your roofing contractor offer?

4. Because of its lightweight quality, Standing Seam Metal roofs can many times be installed in a retrofit situation without additional permits, saving both extra time and money.

5. The underlayment of a metal roof is extremely important because during installation, the underlayment is penetrated every 6-12 inches vertically, and 9 16 inches horizontally. We suggest using a modified or self-healing underlayment to go with your new metal roof. This will add to your assurance for a completely watertight seal. However, it is also worth mentioning that water should not penetrate under the metal to begin with.

This homeowner decided to replace his shake roof with a standing seam metal roof by Canyon State Roofing & Consulting. Beautiful!

On this page is a small sample of Standing Seam Metal Roofs that Canyon State Roofing & Consulting has installed. We have experience in dozens of both commercial Standing Seam Metal Roofs, and Residential. THE BEST PART IS, JIM MCLAIN, OWNER OF CANYON STATE ROOFING, PERSONALLY OVERSEES 100% OF OUR STANDING SEAM METAL ROOF PROJECTS.

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