Thatch Roofing

Thatch Roofing

Thatch Roofing

Thatch Roofing

Thatch roofing is definitely a unique and amazing type of roofing material that can easily be installed by a qualified thatch roofing contractor. Huber & Associates are known for their premium quality thatch roofing contracting and use a special synthetic thatching, called Endureed. As a synthetic thatching contractor, Huber & Associates wants their customers to know and understand their reasoning for recommending the use of this synthetic, but completely natural and authentic looking material. Endureed is made in the U.S.A. and known worldwide as the leader in synthetic thatch roofing material. Let us explain the differences between natural thatch roofing and the synthetic Endureed thatch roofing material. This amazing roofing material is installed much like a typical asphalt style of roofing but gives your home a look like nothing else out there. Your home will be a showpiece, above and beyond your dreams.

Synthetic thatch roofing is durable, highly resistant to strong winds and UV rays along with being more resistant than typical natural thatching against infestations. Often natural thatch roofing material (which some thatch roofing contractors still use) can be very attractive to birds, rodents, and insects. Endureed is actually made with PVC, making it completely unattractive to these pests, assuring that you will not have to deal with infestations. The synthetic thatch roofing material has been tested to withstand hurricane winds of 140 mph and has even been utilized in extreme weather conditions such as snow. Can you imagine seeing an island paradise home standing in the middle of a light and fluffy snow fall? As incredible as it may seem it is not only completely realistic but has been done. Endureed is also non-flammable, with a Class A fire rating; assuring that your family is safe.

Synthetic Thatch Roofing Warranty

Endureed offers a 20 year warranty so you can rest assured that you have a quality product covering your home that not only looks beautiful but will last for decades. The warranty protects you against rotting, fading and decay; all aspects of natural thatching that you avoid when utilizing a synthetic thatch roofing material like Endureed. The look of a thatch roof is so amazing that you will definitely have people wondering how it even works, especially if you’re not living in a tropical area. It’s one of those unique looks that many may think is only available to “Island Paradise” style homes.

Thatch Roofing Styles That Are Unmatched

Endureed provides such an array of thatch roofing styles that you will simply be amazed. Thatch roofing can be created in many different unique and area specific styles that can now become a part of your dream home. Currently offering six different styles of synthetic thatch roofing material, using Endureed will assure that you can give your home the look you want without jeopardizing safety or quality. Knowing the safety, durability and positive aspects of utilizing synthetic thatch roofing only enhances the fact that you can choose from an amazing array of styles with Huber & Associates as your thatch roof contractor.

Thatch roofing is something that truly is unique to most architecture styles outside of non-tropical areas. Not many people have even thought of using this style of roofing in non-tropical areas because they assume that it’s simply not sturdy enough and can’t hold up in the climates of most non-tropical areas. The average homeowner assumes that thatch roofing can only be utilized in literally island and tropical style areas, which gives you the edge to be the first in your neighborhood to have a completely unique and beautiful look that’s also very sturdy and realistic for most any type of climate.

Thatch Roofing

Thatch Roofing Facts & History

Thatch roofing actually was known to be a typical form of roofing since the Bronze Age in the UK. Traditionally a trade that was created and utilized throughout the UK since early days, the idea was to basically use any type of grass or straw, usually found locally, as a building material, most often for roofs. There were various techniques utilized to create sturdy thatch roofs and “Thatchers” were common amongst the tradesmen of the time.

True thatch roofing has decreased, especially in the UK where it was once a typical and expected style of roofing. Today, in the UK alone there are only about 24,000 listed thatch roofed homes; decreasing from approximately 1 million homes in 1800. There is a reason for this that is only all too obvious, typical natural thatch is an art form that has long become close to obsolete because newer, more technical and better ways to create the same look have been found; specifically synthetic thatch roofing material. Also a sign of the times, technology made other materials more easily accessible throughout the UK, making thatch roofing a less and less desired style and something considered somewhat “old fashioned” in style.

Everyone wanted the newer materials, such as shingles, wood, and slate instead of the age old stand by of thatch. Slowly, fewer and fewer thatch roofs were seen throughout the UK. However, there is a new found love and adoration for the old look of a thatch roof and roofing contractors have found alternative and better methods with synthetic thatch roofing and it’s no longer something seen only in the UK anymore. As the people realize how realistic it is to have the look of authentic thatch roofing without the worries incurred by utilizing natural thatch, it has become more and more popular in the United States and throughout the world.

True thatch roofing material actually consists of three different types of materials, two types of reed (combed wheat or Norfolk) or long straw. Each material is applied differently and has to be chosen according to the area it is being used in. With synthetic thatch roofing none of this is a problem, yet you can choose the style and look that is right for you without worrying if it’s the right material or you have a qualified “thatcher” to install it. Instead choose one of the many looks offered by Endureed and have it easily installed by the thatch roofing contractors who know roofing, Huber & Associates.

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