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What Is The Cost Of Cedar Shake Roof Replacement In Greenwich - Verrone Roofing

Posted on October 23, 2013 // 11 Comments

Cedar Shake Roof Replacement Cost

The question of the cost of cedar shake roof replacement is much like the question of what is the cost of car replacement.

There may be first the question of is it a new or used car you are interested in.

Next, what brand of car is of interest: Mercedes, Chevrolet, BMW, Cadillac, Audi or Ford.

Next might be what style of car may be of interest: SUV, economy, sedan, sports car, convertible.

Pretty broad topic, right?

There could be a vast difference starting with simply style, economy or sports car…. in fact one could be 4 times the price of the other. Or from brand to brand, Chevrolet sedan next to a Mercedes sedan, there could be a swing of 400 percent.

Cedar shake roof replacement is no different.

A basic cedar shake roof replacement that will curl and buckle in under 5 years compared to an optimized cedar shake roof replacement that will last 40 plus years, the cost is roughly double. On this site these optimizations are listed and discussed in videos, articles, and audio.

The interesting part about this is that people I find are quick to bump up to the $90k range rover with no hesitation over the $45k Chevy Tahoe. The Rover will yield them no better results performance and function wise, the differences are slight.

The size is similar, the gas mileage is similar, the performance is similar.  Basically the Rover does not warrant spending double for the same things and yet people buy this without giving it much thought.

However, with a cedar shake roof replacement when there is the $100k cedar roof replacement next to a $180k cedar roof replacement people seem to think a bit differently.

The $100k cedar roof will have a tough time making it to 20 years and will be curling and lifting in under 5 years. Look around at the cedar roofs in your neighborhood and you will see many, if not all, will be curled, cupped, buckled and or failing.

Of the people getting cedar shake roof replacement 30% will upgrade with all the optimizations to get a 40 plus year roof and by doing so will increase the price to $180k.

Now lets look at this to see how much sense it makes.

The $100k cedar roof replacement which will curl and buckle in under 5 years and not last to 20 years. This roof essentially costs the buyer $300k in 20 years.

Here’s why…

The $100k roof of today, based on historical roofing inflation, will cost $200k in 20 years.

Therefore, the total cost in 20 years is $300k… two roofs in 20 years.

What Is The Cost Of Cedar Shake Roof Replacement In Greenwich - Verrone Roofing

The annual cost average to that owner over a 20 year period is $15,000.00 per year to own that curled and buckled cedar roof….twice.

Now lets look at what an optimized properly installed cedar roof replacement  which costs $180k and will last 40 plus years looks like.

First, the total cost to the owner over 40 years is $180k, not $300k.

Next the annual cost average to that owner per year is $3,500.00 per year, not $15k per year.

As a bonus the owner of the roof which cost $3.5k per year will not have a curled and buckled roof such as the 5 year old cedar roof in this photo.

This cedar shake roof, which was properly optimized, is 8 years old and does not have the unsightly curling and buckling. It is in fine condition and will likely last another 32 years.

So to the question of what does cedar shake roofing cost. its a vast subject and learning about it is a cheap lesson. The devil is in the details.

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