6 Ways to Clean Metal Roofing

6 Ways to Clean Metal Roofing

To get the longest life out of your metal roofing. you must establish and stick to a schedule of regular maintenance. There are several means available for cleaning the metal roofing, like pressure washers and wire brushes. Cleaning becomes all the more important for the houses with metal roofing that lies in an area susceptible to mold and mildew. Some tips described here will help you to achieve a better cleaning without damaging the metal roofing.

Know your metal roofing first

First of all, assess the overall condition of the metal roofing. It requires a lot of efforts in the preparation and cleaning of an old roof. This is due to the corrosion that build up over time along with several layers of excess paint. But, even an old roof that has been properly maintained requires much less labor. On the other hand, cleaning a new roof doesnt need much preparation and effort.

Insure Your Safety

Make all the arrangements for your safety before stepping on the metal roofing. Ensure that you can reach to every single part of the roof with ease. If possible, tie yourself with a safety rope and wear a safety belt too. While cleaning, try to take support of some solid and stable structure. This will keep you safe from any accidental fall.

Scrapping of Paint & Corrosion

Avoid scrapping the paint unless you are sure that you wont damage the roof. But if you really need to scrape out the excess paint or the peeling paint, try not to use any metal implements. You can use a wire brush instead. If the wire brush fails to do the job then, and only then, you should use a flat-blade putty knife. It can take care of almost all kinds of paint-scraping jobs.

Cleaning the Mold & Mildew

Mix cup of tri-sodium phosphate (TSP) in a gallon of water. If needed, increase the amount while keeping the same proportion of water and TSP in the solution. TSP is available in all the paint stores. Use a bucket for carrying this solution. Now take a soft brush, dip it into the solution and start scrubbing the areas with mold and mildew. Repeat this process until the area becomes free from mold and mildew. Then rinse the area with water to clean it properly. Minutely observe the roof after drying. If necessary, you can repeat this step. Remember, this step needs a lot of patience on the part of the cleaner.

Cleaning the Dirt and Debris

Now clean the dirt and debris with the help of a pressure washer. Always start this process from the topmost part of the metal roofing. This will help in carrying away the dirt and debris along with the water flow. You can also use a mild detergent solution in place of plain water. But keep the concentration of the detergent at its minimum. Keep the distance of the pressure washer nozzle uniform across the roof. This will avoid any damage to the roof. Repeat the process if necessary.

Painting the Peeled Off Areas

After drying of the roof, you can paint the areas with scrapped paint and corrosion. Before using the paint apply some primer, which will act as a deterrent against the corrosion. Dont apply paint until the primer gets dry enough to facilitate the smooth movement of paintbrush.

Regular cleaning not only ensures the better maintenance of the metal roofing but also enhances the overall beauty of the house. And, a beautiful house is as good for living as it is for a resale value.

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