Different Types Of Shingles For Roofs

Different Types Of Shingles For Roofs

Friday, July 30, 2010

In 1978, TAMKO introduced AwaplanAmericas first SBS-modified bitumen roll roofing product. And today Awaplan is still making headlines. The brand that redefined commercial roofing standards for tear strength, elasticity, and puncture resistance is now over 25 years old, and it remains as strong as ever. Discover what more than 25 years of proven performance can do for you. Tested by time. Trusted by roofers. Thats the strength of Awaplan.

GenFlex Roofing Systems is a leading, full-line supplier of high quality single-ply roofing products for the commercial roofing market.

GenFlex entered the single-ply commercial roofing industry in 1980, utilizing the company’s 80+ years as a world leader in the development of polymer and chemical technology. The company offers EPDM and TPO (thermoplastic polyolefin) membranes, polyisocyanurate insulation, fasteners, and a complete line of related installation accessories.

CertainTeed is a leading U.S. manufacturer of low slope and steep slope roofing products for commercial, industrial, institutional, and residential roofing and waterproofing applications. CertainTeed has served the roofing industry for 100 years, establishing a solid reputation for quality, reliability, and technical innovation.

CertainTeed offers a broad array of asphalt shingles in various shapes, colors and styles. The most popular are the Luxury and Premium Shingles that emulate the look of wood, slate and other natural materials.

Traditional Shingles offer beauty, value and protection.

Founded in 1886, GAF Materials Corporation has grown to be one of North America’s largest and most respected building products manufacturers, with annual sales nearly $3 billion. We are also North America’s largest roofing manufacturer, offering quality products for both commercial and residential roofing. Our success has been fueled by consistently delivering on two simple promises:

For property owners & architects: Helping to assure your best and safest choice

For our distributor & contractor partners: Helping to build your business and avoid hassles

Whether you’re building a new home or remodeling, James Hardie siding provides low maintenance, but unlike vinyl, doesn’t sacrifice the beauty and character of wood. James Hardie fiber-cement siding resists rotting or cracking and it resists damage from rain and hail. Our house siding is also available pre-finished with a 15-year paint warranty. Best of all, James Hardie siding is non-combustible, with a limited, transferable warranty for up to 50 years. No wonder it’s protecting over 3.5 million homes in North America alone.

Owens Corning invented glass fiber, and glass fiber insulation, over 50 years ago. The Owens Corning brand and its full line of PINK insulation products has long been synonymous with trusted performance and brand preference. Today, the company has become a leading home building products company.

Additionally, by developing a world-class science and technology team, Owens Corning has successfully expanded applications for glass fiber materials. Owens Corning is the world’s leading producer of glass fiber materials used in composites.

From insulating, roofing, acoustical, basement finishing, to vinyl exteriors, Owens Corning’s systems deliver maximum energy efficiency, low maintenance, sound control, convenience, beauty and peace of mind with warranties that are among the best in the industry.

Certified Energy Professional Contractors are trained, tested, and experienced in the areas of:

Thermal performance

Air infiltration

Moisture control and ventilation

Insulation installation

Local building and energy codes

Noise control

Elk’s family of shingles adds beauty and depth to your home plus Elk’s renowned quality, durability and protection.

An Elk roof offers a wide range of striking, dimensional styles and colors to complement any home’s architecture. Plus, the strength of Elk stands behind each Elk roof, with top UL wind-resistance and Class "A" fire ratings, and some of the best warranties in the business.*

When used in conjunction with other Elk roof accessories, Elk shingles create a total roof system that delivers outstanding beauty and protection against wind and moisture, the security of buying from a single source and increased Umbrella Coverage on the shingles to seven years.

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Prestique High Definition

Prestique Cool Color Series

Prestique XTRA

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Lomanco has been producing quality ventilation products since 1946.

Two factors have remained the same throughout the years. They are known as "The Lomanco Balance", free movement of air and weather protection.

We take a great deal of pride in the production of our products. They are the necessity to be effective in ventilating homes everywhere. Our commitment to providing these quality products combined with our experienced personnel is the reason Lomanco is

"The Best On The Roof".


Simply the process of supplying a continuous supply of air through the attic space.

50% intake / 50% exhaust.

Exhaust must be at least 3 feet higher than the intake system.

Intake should be under eave.

Exhaust should be near or at peak.

Ventilation is simply the process of supplying a continuous supply of air through the attic space. "Proper ventilation " consists of 50% intake, under the eaves, and 50% exhaust near or at the roof peak, at least" 3 feet higher than the intake system.


Heat in unventilated attics may cause temperatures to exceed 150 degrees causing damage to shingles. roof sheathing and possibly radiate to the living area. Moisture being the #1 enemy, causes rot, mildew, mold, paint blisters, and renders insulation to be ineffective.

Proper ventilation reduces energy bills, winter ice build up and eliminates mold/mildew which can lead to major health problems. By ventilating, you are extending the life of other building components, shingles. insulation, etc.

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