How to Add a Covered Patio Roof to an Existing Roof Line eHow

How to Add a Covered Patio Roof to an Existing Roof Line eHow


Locate the ledger first. The ledger is the 2-by-6 to be nailed into place first. It will run the width of the patio, and the patio roof is attached to it. Locate it just below the eaves (overhang) of the house, if the house is single story. Find the band joist and attach it there, if the house is two or more stories. (The band joist/rim joist is the 2-by-6 or bigger that separates the floors of a two or more story house.)

Screw the ledger in place to hold it while you attach it more solidly with bolts, washers and nuts. Check for level as you insert the screws. Ideally, attach the ledger by pre-drilling holes and running bolts through the ledger, the sheathing and rim joist and attaching nuts and washers from inside. If inside wall access is blocked, plan to use -inch thick lag screws and attach to the wall studs for the entire length of the ledger. Drill the lag screws into wall studs on a single-story or the band joist on a two-story. Use expanding anchor bolts to attach to brick.

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How to Add a Covered Patio Roof to an Existing Roof Line eHow

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