Roberts Village Board approves new roof for park building New Richmond News

Roberts Village Board approves new roof for park building New Richmond News

Park Board member Chuck Pizzi presented two estimates to replace the roof on the park building at the Roberts Village Board meeting Monday night. To replace the roof using asphalt shingles would cost $25,000 while replacing it with steel shingles would cost $44,000.

“We’re looking at probably two years life expectancy left on the existing shingles on the park building. These are numbers for budgeting purposes. They are probably on the high side,” said Pizzi.

He asked the board how they would prefer to pay for the new roof, in a lump sum using money from the undesignated fund balance or over several years as a line item in the Park Board’s budget.

“If we did it as a line item, that would pretty much use up our budget for the next two years at the asphalt price. If we went with the steel option, we’re looking at four years. We’d like to have some kind of idea so we can put our budget together,” Pizzi said.

“Is there any possibility of a grant?” asked board member Marge Wolske.

“No,” replied Pizzi.

“Those undesignated funds are the roll over that wasn’t spent from (taxes) year to year. In a case like this with this amount, I think we’d be able to do this. I don’t want to ruin your budget for the next two or four years. You’ll have other projects that will need to be done,” said Board President Willard Moeri.

The board approved the use of steel shingles and using money from the undesignated fund balance to pay for the new roof.

Public Works Director John Bond told the board that the pilot microfiltration system at the wastewater treatment facility has been disassembled making room for the new dog kennels. The slab for the new kennels should be poured shortly.

Bond also told the board that the Wisconsin DNR has given municipalities two years to institute a new capacity, management, operation and maintenance (CMOM) program designed to better monitor and document sanitary sewer system operations. The program will require ordinance updates, a written emergency response plan, personnel training and remote inspection of approximately two miles of sewer pipe and connections annually. One of the benefits of the program will be the generation of an annual report on the status of the system to keep the board better informed.

Other business

— Following closed session, Village Clerk Doreen Kruschke announced the village will be hiring Autumn Lindquist of Nelson & Lindquist S.C. out of Hudson as the village’s new legal counsel replacing Bill Radosevich who retired.

— St. Croix Central School District Superintendent Tim Widiker made a brief presentation to the board regarding the proposed $23.995 million referendum to be used to pay for the costs of addition, renovation, remodeling and site improvement projects at each of the district’s three school buildings. The referendum comes up for a vote Nov. 4.

— Bill Rubin, executive director of the St. Croix Economic Development Corporation (EDC) stopped by to reacquaint the board with the brand and mission of his organization and explain the role the St. Croix EDC plays in promoting both public and private interests throughout the county.

— The board approved Ordinance #2014-9 VB annexing Ron Stewart’s land into the park.

— The board approved the business plan of operation for the CW Cabinet Company LLC scheduled to take over the Northern Lights building later this year.

— The board approved the addition of forfeitures to several municipal ordinances to enable enforcement by the police department.

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