Roof Damage Repair

Roof Damage Repair

Roof Repair Information 2012

November 28, 2013 — Roof damage can at times be done by a knowledgable home owner. However, it is better in most instances to hire a professional. If not done correctly it can allow even more water damage to occur that will be even more expensive to repair. Sometimes it can be in unseen places such as the attic or walls and before a homeowner realizes they have a problem major repairs may be needed.

Roof Damage Repair

Roof damage is always a point of concern to any homeowner. This is of course because roof damage is so costly to repair. Thus, it is good to note the different forms of roof damage and how to best avoid it from happening. However, with most roof damage you will find that it is simply unavoidable and the best way to deal with the damage is to repair it in a timely manner so that the problem does not get worse as time passes. The type of roof damage repair that you will choose will depend on the actual type of damage your roof has sustained.

There are a number of different roof damage causes including wind damage, ice damage, hail damage and natural weathering of your roof. One needs to identify the type of damage before using any roof damage repair technique. In this article, we shall focus on dealing with winter roof damage repair.

During the winter, roof damage can be caused in a number of ways including natural aging of your roof. More importantly, if your initial roof design was faulty, then it worsens the problem. Fortunately design problems are easy to correct if spotted in time. The most common causes of winter roof damage are wind, snow and ice.

Ice dams in downspouts and gutters are particularly difficult to deal with mostly because removing the ice dams may further worsen the damage on the roof. Therefore, the ideal roof damage repair technique is through physically removing the gutter system and cleaning it to remove the clogged ice.

Properties designed with flat roofs tend to have drains that will freeze and trap water on the roof system. Over time, this will result in water leaks as the trapped water seeks a way through the roof flashings. The roof damage repair technique to be used when dealing with this problem is through removing the downspout and creating a discharge by physically opening the drain.

If your property has skylights, then you may suffer from water leaks whenever there is a snowstorm. These leaks are caused through weeping holes in the skylight being covered. This leads to internal condensation being trapped within skylight causing the leaks. The best way to deal with this problem is to call your contractor and let them know that there is a problem. You should also be sure to tell the contractor that there is a skylight before they get on the roof to avoid any further damage from being done.

Roof damage repairs can be costly, especially if they require a contractor to take on the job. Thus, it may be a good idea to have your roof insured against ice and snow damage if you live in a part of the country where this is the norm. Then, if you do suffer roof damage you can call your insurance agent and go over your policy to see whether or not you are covered for the particular type of damage to your roof.

This article on roof damage repair has been pretty general. However, you will find other material on our website that goes into more detail on specific roof damages.

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