Roof Ladders Face The Future – The Ladders Online Blog

Roof Ladders Face The Future – The Ladders Online Blog

Roof Ladders Face The Future

Generally the humble roof hook ladder have not changed much at all over the years. Why? Because of the old saying If it aint broke, dont fix it said by Thomas Bertram. And we agree with it. You only need it to get you onto the roof, safely and securely. It doesnt have to do anything special it just has to do its job and at the end of the day that is why it hasnt changed much. But hang on a second! On thing has indeed changed about roof ladders, and that is what they are made of! With most being made from wood back in the early days the ones that we sell now days are mostly made from Aluminium or maybe fiber glass. But when it comes to the roof its self  things are changing quite a bit in their world. And given that is indeed Friday maybe its time to take a look at

The Top 5 Best Alternative To Common Roof Tiles.

5) The Glass is half full (( SolTech Energy ))

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all in life, a new company comes along with a different approach.  SolTech Energy makes an innovative roof tile, similar but distinguishable from this thin-film solar tile offered by SRS Energy, that harvests solar energy with a traditional looking glass tile. So made from glass and powers your home! What more do you want from a roof tile people.

Roof Ladders Face The Future

4) The noise is killing me! (( ))

Steel Tile roofing sheets are the latest generation of roofing materials. They are made of high quality 0.42 mm roofing steel, zinc coated for rust proving, painted in modern colours and polyester coated for better finish. They are strong, weather resistant, light weight, easy to install, functional, durable and ideally suited to residential and commercial use. Metal Tile roofing systems combine a great tile look with all the high-tech performance features you want for your project. And best of all now days they come with rain sound proofing as standard because before when it rained on them you might have thought the world was coming to an end! Oh! Did we mention that it was over 80% cheaper than brick tiles.

3) It doesnt get better than this (( ))

Billed as the first curved photovoltaic roofing product, the SoléPower Tile replaces add-on solar panels with a new flexible solar laminate bonded to a polymer base that gives tiles the curved shape of regular terra-cotta. SRS partnered with US Tile, the country’s largest clay-tile manufacturer, to make the switch seamless for homeowners: Have the navy tiles installed across the whole roof, or replace just a small section. Depending on how many you install, the tiles can cut your monthly utility bill in half. They can also produce 10 to 15 percent more energy than comparable solar panels, by virtue of a thin-film technology that deflects heat and converts lower levels of light, such as during dawn, dusk or very cloudy day, into electricity. So why is this higher that number 5? Because this is the original and best ones. And the blue tiles look simply stunning.

Roof Ladders Face The Future – The Ladders Online Blog

2) Raindrops keep falling on my 45s. (( ))

For the first of our upcycling ideas its this one made from old LPs. And it looks incredible, it works well, and the middle pin hole that used to hold the record onto the player is now used to put the nail into it. An amazing idea given the fact that it is now getting harder and harder to buy a record player. So all those albums you have stored in the shed can be used again to once more bring a smile to peoples faces.

Roof Ladders Face The Future

1) Burn me off a roof! (( ))

This method of roofing is a great way to use old and unwanted CD/DVDs. In a lot of places recycling facilities exist, but disks are not an item thrown away often enough to warrant curbside collection and so often they just get thrown away. If youve got old disks you want to get rid of, first think whether there might be someone able to reuse them before drilling holes in them and tacking them to your shed roof! Software, music and films might be of interest to your friends or families and are often accepted by charity shops as a good product to sell on.

For junk mail CDs and badly damaged or scratched CDs/DVDs, it is better to reuse them than throw them away or recycle them. If they can be of use for another 5 years before needing to be replaced then thats better than transporting them to a recycling plant to be melted down and MUCH better than them just taking a trip to landfill. Landfill is a dark, scary place!

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