Sedum Matting Information

Sedum Matting Information

Enviromat sedum matting consists of drought tolerant plants grown on to a unique matting system for quick and easy installation. Our specially developed geotextile base gives Enviromat its exceptional handling qualities and means it can be installed on to slopes and banks with confidence. Enviromat includes all the growing medium the plants need so it is perfect for bringing plants and life where there is no soil or very poor soil.

The plant species in Enviromat have been chosen to give all year round ground cover and a long flowering season. Because they are low maintenance plants, there is no need for mowing, pruning or deadheading. Just feed once a year for a fabulous floral display.

Enviromat sedum mat is ideal for establishing plants on to a soil-less surface such as a shed roof or a gravel garden. its great for disguising man-hole covers or adding interest to a patio.

The seed mix for Enviromat includes seven species of low-growing sedum plants along with meadow saxifrage for a light weight green roof build up. Plants are pre-grown onto a mat with a lifetime supply of growing medium. Enviromat sedum mats are supplied with at least 95% plant coverage for instant greenery.

Sedum plants are drought tolerant succulents; ideally for ground cover and living roofs. Sedums have nectar rich flowers that are attractive to butterflies and bees.

Enviromat for Green Roofing

The Enviromat green roof build up is probably the least heavy and the easiest system to install.

Use Enviromat sedum mat to create a low maintenance sedum roof that will benefit local wildlife and the wider environment; a green roof may also help to reduce your fuel bills.

Enviromat for Ground Cover

Use Enviromat sedum matting in a low maintenance garden where it makes a great alternative to grass on low traffic areas. Its als great on banks, for pond surrounds and for hiding manhole covers

Imagine a garden full of natural plants and flowers, buzzing with wildlife andcolourful all year round, yet it doesnt need mowing, deadheading or pruning at all and there is very little need for feeding, watering or weeding.

Enviromat Sedum matting is a very effective low-maintenance ground cover.

Ideas for using Enviromat sedum mat as ground cover

  • * As an alternative to a grass lawn
  • Sedum Matting Information
  • * Slopes and banks
  • * Pond surrounds
  • * Rock gardens
  • * Wildlife friendly gardens
  • * Low maintenance areas

Sedum plants

Sedums are succulent plants, so-called because of their thick fleshy leaves and they are sometimes known as stonecrops. They are very drought tolerant and provided they are planted in full sun or light shade, and are not in boggy conditions*,sedums make great all-year-round ground cover.

Please note -

Storing Enviromat . Ideally your Enviromat will arrive when most of the preparation work has been done so that it can be installed on the same day as delivery. If there is a delay between delivery and installation, Enviromat must be unrilled and watered so that the plants see daylight, otherwise the product wil degrade

Use on shed roof if youre planning to put a living roof on your shed there are some important points to bear in mind.

1. Collapsing sheds are expensive and dangerous. Please dont try to create a sedum roof on your shed unless you are certain that it can carry the weight

2. Only build a sedum roof on a new or well preserved shed on solid level foundations. Be aware that most of the budget sheds available from DIY stores are not strong enough to support a sedum roof

3. Be alert to risk ( albeit a small one ) of heavy sedum roof putting pressure on, and possibly breaking glass windows.

4. After installing a sedum roof, regularly monitor the condition of you shed. Especially after strong winds, heavy rain or snow

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