Shed Plans-Add an Awning Porch — Shed Plans

Shed Plans-Add an Awning Porch - Shed Plans

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Shed Plans-Add an Awning Porch

Shed Plans encompasses many Ideas and designs. I built myself a shed and afterwards decided that I would like a porch built on to it. After talking to several of my neighbors I discovered that most of them that had a shed or storage barn either had a porch or wanted one. So I decided to report on how I built my porch to possibly help others who wanted a porch.

I built my shed 10 x 12 foot with a large front door, so as to accept large equipment such as lawn mowing equipment and riding lawn mowers. After the structure was completed I found that all worked just fine as I had envisioned, but I also discovered that If I had a porch on the front, that it would be great for working on things that were either too big or too tall. That is when I wished that I had a porch or rather an awning to work under. With an awning or a porch I would be close to my tools and also be somewhat out of the weather. This I could see was a good Idea.

My shed which was built from shed plans. was a 12×10. The 12 being the front of the shed and the 8 being the sides. The first thing to do is to calculate and understand how to add on to the shed itself. This would not be complicated at all. This was going to be a straight forward and simple process. The first thing to do is to know where exactly to add on to the shed. The first measurement will be to measure down 41/2 inches from the roof along the front. 41/2 inches all the way down. Next attach a 2×4 or a 2×6 all the way across the front 41/2 inches down, this will be where we set our awning or porch joists.

Shed Plans-Add an Awning Porch - Shed Plans

Next we will figure the placement of the outer posts. for an 8ft out porch or awning we will measure exactly 8ft out. Now we will measure from the first post 12 ft ( the same as the length of the front of the shed). So as you can see we will have an 8x 12 awning, or roof. Next we will dig two post holes. to dig these post hole we should use a set of post hole diggers. Go down about 18 inches. make sure the center of the post holes are 12 ft from the center of the other post hole. This will give you extra room to play with. Now come out exactly 8 ft from the shed. Now moving over exactly 12 ft and 8 ft out from the shed, set the other post. Using a level make sure as to keep the posts level and straight. When the posts are level and at the right dimensions use braces staked to the ground to keep them there.

Next measuring in an x from the opposite corner of the shed to the post, and then do the same for the other post.This will ensure that the whole awning will be straight and square. Now, with the posts straight, level and in the right positions go ahead and cement them in the ground. Allow then to set over nite. This will give the cement time enough to set or dry.

Now that the cement is set and dry the posts should be plenty strong. (remember these posts should be braced and staked to the ground) Next we want to place a 2x4or 2×6 on to the front of the posts the long way 12 ft. We want to have this board 8 to 12 inches lower than the 2×4 we placed on the front of the shed. Next we can start placing the awning rafters. They will set on top of the 2×4 placed all along the front of the shed to the 2×4 on the front of the posts. After those are nailed and braced, we can put the metal roofing on. The way to attach the metal roofing is to preferably use screws. This metal roofing will slip right up under the roofing of the shed. The shed roof will overlap the lower awning roof, so as to keep water from leaking down. And that is how to shed plans add a roof.

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