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Shed Roof Re-felting - Garden Sheds - Gardening Advise Garden Sheds Gardening Advise

Has the roofing felt blown off your shed during the high winds. or is it so old it has simple worn out ?

The we can help, we offer a fully repair and maintenance service for all things related to garden sheds and summerhouses.

Unfortunately shed roofing felt does NOT last for ever and usually depending in its thickness and quality last between 5 to 10 years. With this in mind it would be wise to make a note of this fact so you can be prepared for this work to be carried out.

Shed Felting DIY

You have a number of options open to you. DIY go to your local builders merchant or DIY store and select from a verity of roofing felt thicknesses and colours.

You need to bear in mind you will also need some way of fixing the new roofing felt down. This can be done using Large headed galvanised felt nails designed with a extra large head so it does not get pulled through the felt, securing it better.

The other option is to use some sort of roofing felt adhesive. The problem with this is the surface will need to be completely clean and dry. where is if you use the nails you could effectively felt over the existing felt even if it a bit damaged. The choice is yours on that one !

Shed Re-felting Services

We can take the whole hassle of driving around looking for shed roofing felt and stuff to fix it on with. If you let us know the general size and shape of the shed that needs re-felting

we can offer you a selection of quotes.

We say a selection as we have explained of shed roofing felt repairs as the price obviously depends on the quality of roofing felt and any other work that may need to be done to secure the roof or repair damaged boards.

Damaged Shed Roofs

Some times it is not just as simple as replacing the shed roofing felt, if the problem has been left for a long time it is possible some of the timber may have become rotten or damaged. Now with out actually seeing the job as you can imagine it would be very difficult to give an accurate quote i am sure you will agree.

So we have a number of options

Shed Roof Re-felting - Garden Sheds - Gardening Advise Garden Sheds Gardening Advise
  • Basic 20KG roofing felt
  • Heavy Duty 40KG roofing felt
  • Polyester Torch on 60KG roofing felt

As you can see above we have 3 basic options for you select from and it will simply depend on what you are prepared on recovering your roof ?

You could email us a selection of photos of the damaged area of your shed. please include your full address, postcode and at least one contact phone number.

If you provide us with your contact details either via phone or email. when  our lads are passing your way they will call in and asses the problem them selves and usually give you a quote there and then.

Shed Re-felting Liverpool

As we are based in Liverpool our prices quoted on our shed re-felting prices page are based on the Liverpool. Merseyside, Wirral and Southport areas.

Simple economics are the cost of Transport/ fuel and labour are expensive now days. so we can not be expected to say re-felt a 64 shed in Birmingham that we only charge £40 for can we !

It is possible on the larger buildings for us to do shed re felts outside Merseyside as our self employed fitters travel the whole of the Uk and Scotland and could possibly fit it in with other work if they are in your area

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