Toronto Roofing Services Residential Commercial Roof Contractor

Toronto Roofing Services Residential Commercial Roof Contractor

Get Roof Repair in Toronto That Also Covers Your Roof’s Components

The Cutting Edge Roofing’s commitment to your roof repairs is actually a dual commitment: Not only do we care for the structural integrity of your roof, but our overall concern for your Toronto home includes attention to the components that make your roof functional and attractive. Our 25+ years of experience providing roof repair in the Toronto area has taught us that if we are to provide our customers with the best services available, we must also include care of related elements, such as soffits and fascia, chimneys and skylights. We understand the importance of aesthetics, but we don’t underestimate the role of these components in helping to keep the elements out. Therefore, The Cutting Edge Roofing services include a wide range of products and options to ensure that your roof is thoroughly taken care of and looks great, too!

Roof Repairs Help Your Roof Do Its Job as Your Home’s Defender against the Often Harsh Toronto Elements

Because the products and services that we offer comprise your home’s first—and last—line of defense against weather and the elements, and because that line of defense is designed to make your property look and feel exactly the way you want it, your roof, fascia, soffits and other features need attention and upkeep to maximize their life span. Our roof repair services respond to the specific needs of our customers and their Toronto properties and can take the form of replacing damaged shingles, patching holes, fixing fascias and soffits, insulating your attic, and repairing or cleaning your eavestroughs. Again, all of these elements are important in warding off the elements from your home or place of business, and it is important that they do so in style.

Commercial and Residential Toronto Roof Repairs:

  • fascia
  • soffits
  • roofing materials damaged by animals
  • flat roofs
  • chimneys
  • aluminum siding
  • Toronto Roofing Services Residential Commercial Roof Contractor
  • Caulking

Commercial and Residential Roof Replacement in Toronto:

  • Flat Roofs
  • Re-sheet Roofs
  • Wood shingle Roofs
  • Replace fascia
  • Replace soffits

Commercial and Residential Eavestrough Care:

  • Eavestrough repair and replacement
  • Eavestrough cleaning

Commercial and Residential Aluminum Siding Needs:

  • Repair or replace aluminum siding

How to Know When You Need Roof Repairs

Because Toronto area homes, specifically, endure snow, ice, and other wintry precipitation, we recommend that you have your roof and its components inspected annually, or more often, so that minor damage can be diagnosed and repaired before it becomes a more involved and more expensive problem. Affordability is as important to us as it is to you, and it is easier to afford a repair than a replacement. The Cutting Edge Roofing provides an inspection that looks for signs of aging or damage, such as bare spots, cracking or curling, loose coating, and algae growth. Generally, we recommend that if moisture damage has occurred to 30% of the existing roof or if the roof deck is damaged, then it is time to replace your roof. If replacement is not necessary, our experienced roofing repair professionals can provide an accurate and reliable repair of the areas that require it.

The Ins And Outs of Roof Inspection

As the protective layer between you and the outside world, the most important job of your roof is to keep moisture out. To make sure that your Toronto roof is doing its job—or to find if and where it isn’t—our inspection process is twofold: We first inspect from the inside of your home or business for roofing vulnerabilities, and then we inspect the outside. The outdoor check is more detailed than the indoor check.

The Indoor Check

The Outdoor Check

Call Toronto’s Own The Cutting Edge Roofing to Assess Whether Your Roof Needs Repair

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