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     We own and operate a portable roll forming machine, that produces a true 1" standing seam double

lock roofing panel. We are also capable of producing all of the trim pieces associated with the installation

of the metal roof  panels with a commercial metal brake, all of this is accomplished onsite.

    If you are not familiar with "TRUE STANDING SEAM", it is the original style created hundreds of

years ago, albeit with very different materials. The process involves an interlocking panel system in which

the seam is literally 1" high off the roof surface and uses hidden fasteners and clips that hold the panels to the

roof deck. The previous panels "male edge" with clips and screws is then covered by the subsequent

panels "female edge" which gives you the hidden fastener system. The seam is then "double locked" by a

two step process. A first stage tool is used to accomplish the first bend, a second stage tool is then used

to complete the bend and provide a finished look.

    Modern Metals, Finishes and Seam Sealants have perfected this process to give the homeowner a roof

that is unsurpassed in weather resistance, durability and quality with an U nmatched Clean Custom Look.

    By purchasing finished coil steel direct from a U.S. manufacturer we are able to offer standing seam roof

panels in Over 25 Colors at a Very Attractive Price.  We can provide 24 gauge and 26 gauge panels.

As stated we can provide all valley, capping and transition pieces needed to complete your project.



True Standing Seam  24 Gauge

"Heaviest " (nearly 80% thicker than 29 gauge)

  • Seams filled with butyl - doubled locked will not leak 

  • Baked on ceramic finish 30 year warranty on chalking/fading

  • Hidden fastener system, never need replacing
  • All panels and trim produced onsite. perfect, no waste.
  • True Standing Seam  26 Gauge

    • "Heavy" (nearly 35% thicker than 29 gauge)
    • Seams filled with butyl - double locked will not leak
    • Baked on  finish 20 year warranty on chalking/fading
    • Hidden fastener system, never need replacing
    • All panels and trim produced onsite. perfect, no waste.

    Ag/Ribbed Steel    29 Gauge

    • "Thin"
    • Overlapping joints will leak
    • Typical finish 5 year warranty on chalking/fading
    • Exposed fastener system, grommets will leak. need replacement
    • All special order. cost time to get too little, expensive to get too much.



         We offer a complete roofing system  INSTALLED  or  MATERIALS ONLY   package with loaner

    tools and advice. With this we can accommodate just about anyone that wants to enjoy the benefits

    of a "True Standing Seam" metal roof.





    Scott J, Kennedy       CALL # 315-345-2974    Oswego, N.Y.     MADE IN U.S.A.

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    Standing Seam Metal Roofing materials may be installed over a plywood sheathed surface with an under lament. It is recommended that Metal is not installed on strapping which has been secured over the top of the shingles, but this

    The Standing Seam Metal roofing materials are secured to the roof by clips which hook over the raised and then the clip is fastened to the roof surface. The next section of panel then overlaps the clips and then crimped together therefore burying the clips underneath the panel where ir is no longer seen. This why it is said that a Metal Roof has  no penetrations in the roof surface. The is then most often crimped together again creating a double locking seam which creates a highly water resistant seam on a roof where the rain water, snow, and ice does not pool up over the height of the seams.

    These type of metal roofing installations must be assessed prior to the start of the project so all the proper materials are ordered to provide a proper installation as needed in different areas of the roof such as valleys, adjoining walls, chimneys, skylights, valleys, vent pipes, etc. Each unique aspect of a roof may require special custom bent sections of metal which are bent to specification allowing an installation which will prevent water from entering through the Corrugated Metal Roof surface.

    Q) What is the main difference between a Corrugated Metal Roof and a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

    A) The Corrugated Metal Roof is installed by penetrating the metal sheathing with special grommet screws to secure the panels to the roof while the Metal Roofing materials are secured by special clips which wrap around the seams and are then secured to the roof surface under the metal so that the Standing seam Metal Roofing materials are not penetrated by the fasteners. The Corrugated or Ribbed Metal Roofing Materials also have a rolling appearance with more smaller 1 ridges and 8 valleys while the typical standing Seam Roofing materials will provide about a 20 wide flat surface with a thin 1/8 thick by 1 1/2 tall straight. So in summary it is the appearance and probably more importantly the way the materials are attached to the roof surface as well as the Metal typically being about 25% more expensive of an installation.

    Q) Will the Standing Seam Metal roof leak?

    A) These fasteners are designed to be fastened beneath the surface of the roof so they are not penetrating the metal roof surface so that leaks will not occur?

    Q) What is the difference between an Asphalt Shingle Roof Installation vs. a standing Seam Metal Roof?

    A) The major difference for most people is price and life expectancy, although for some it goes back to the energy efficiency, or the ability to shed snow and water. The Standing Seam Metal Roof will cost as an average example 200% more than the Asphalt Shingle Roof, but you may replace your Asphalt Shingle Roof once or maybe twice before the Standing Seam Metal Roof which may end up costing you more than 3 or 4 times the price of the Standing Seam Metal Roof in the long run if you intend to own the property for an extended period of time. For many people the average 40 year life expectancy of the Standing Seam Metal Roofing Materials will outlast the time they plan to own their home making it the last roof they will ever have to install or replace.

    Q) What is the life expectancy of a Standing Seam Metal Roof?

    A)  It varies but the suggested range of life expectancy may be between 25 to 75 years and Standing Seam Roofs have been known to last into the 100 year range.

    Q) Does the Standing Seam Metal Roof provide any other benefits or value?

    A) The Standing Seam Metal Roofing materials have been known to reduce energy bills as they reflect the suns rays, they also tend to drain off quicker in rain or snow storms making them more appealing for some people in different climates.

    Standing Seam

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