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Sometimes this is what it can feel like.

Okay, so you are looking to get your roof repaired in Calgary, right?  Maybe you had a hail storm that damaged it or it is just getting old.  Sometimes youll be lucky and your insurance company will cover it but if you are like me (unlucky) your insurance company will not cover it and you have to get the repairs done yourself.

So what do most people do?

They go to and type in Calgary roof repair or something like that.  Then the dreaded work begins where you have to pick up the phone and start dialing roofing companies.  Every time you call a company you have to explain what you are looking for, ask for a quote and usually set up a time for them to swing by and give you an estimate.

If youre smart (which I know you are), youll get at least 3 companies to give you an estimate for repairing your roof.  Of course, you have to plan a time when each company can come and it is a serious pain in the you-know-what.

The entire process is time consuming, annoying and inefficient.

So what if there was a better way?

What if you could post your roofing job once (which takes you 5 minutes to do) with a few pictures and then have roofing companies coming to YOU with their bid/estimate?  What if you were in total control and could ask them questions anytime via the private message board?  And what if you could respond to them by replying right from your mobile phone which gets posted on the message board?

And what if it is all organized in one-central place so that you know exactly what each company has quoted and what the details are, allowing you to make a more informed decision?

Wouldnt this be nice?

Well, I have good news for you you can do all of this at Local ConneXtion .  It works awesome!  Youll be able to post your job in minutes and then be in control of the entire process.  You get to choose the BEST roofer at the end of the day and all the details are saved on a message board so you are protected if the company tries to get out of anything they promised you (since it is on record).

Local ConneXtion is definitely the future of connecting people like yourself with service providers in Calgary.  Give it a try today!

If you want more information on roof shingles click here .

If you live in the SW Calgary and you are looking for Calgary roofing companies to give you an estimate then you should seriously consider using Local ConneXtion.

Typically, you would have to start calling company after company asking them to give you a quote.  This involves you giving them your address and then waiting until they have the time to see your house.  Then you have them calling you to give estimates.  It is disorganized because you have to try to remember what company is what and keep track of all the estimates.

What if you need to clarify an estimate?  Imagine having to call 3 different companies to clarify their estimates and make sure you have ALL the details (companies are good at giving estimates but being a little tricky in how they do it).

Are you starting to see how much time this takes and how inefficient the entire process is?

What if you could take a few minutes to post your roofing job and then have roofers from Calgary bidding on it?  What if all of the estimates were organized in ONE central admin that you have access to?  And what if you could respond to each company via a private message board without wasting any time?

If you are looking for cedar shake repair companies in Calgary then youve come to the right place!  Did you know you can use Local ConneXtion to get cedar shake repair estimates ?  It only takes a few minutes to post a job and youll have qualified roofers all over the city bidding on your job.

You can always do it the old way and start calling each company one by one but it is very time consuming, disorganized and inefficient.  Local ConneXtion just makes your life so much easier.

If you want to learn how to repair your roof yourself watch this video:

Most people who need to get their roof fixed usually end up calling multiple roofing companies in Calgary and ask them to give them a free roofing estimate .  The problem is the entire process can be very time consuming and you may not get the BEST estimate.

What happens when the company tries calling you to give you their estimate?  What if you are at work?  Do they leave a message at home?  What if you have more questions to clarify what they will do (i.e. type of shingle, scope of work, etc).

See what I mean?  It is exhausting following up with them all and making sure you make the right decision.

What if it could be easier?

That is what Local ConneXtion is all about.  It makes it super easy for you to post a roofing job and sit back while roofing companies from Calgary start bidding on the job.  You stay in complete control of the entire process and dont waste anytime because all of the communication and estimates are organized in a central admin.  You can even reply to the roofers right from your mobile device and it gets posted onto the message board.

It is really cool and you should probably give it a try.  What do you have to lose?

Interested in learning how to repair a shingle roof yourself?  You may find this video useful:

I live in the northwest in fact, I live in Hawkwood which is a beautiful community.  If you are from the NW and you are looking for a really good roofing company then I would suggest using Local ConneXtion.

Youll get bids coming in from roofers who are competing to get your work!  Why go to them and let them feel like they are in the power?  You are the buyer (customer) so you should be in control and they should have to compete to get your work.

Local ConneXtion is the NEW way of connecting qualified local service providers with people who have jobs or projects they need to get done.

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