Conservatory Solutions Conservatory too hot — too coldConservatory Solutions Conservatory too hot

Conservatory Solutions Conservatory too hot - too coldConservatory Solutions Conservatory too hot



If you are about to spend literally thousands of pounds on conservatory roof blinds here is something you really ought to know.

They just are not the most effective answer!

conservatory roof blinds

Conservatories create a wonderful space that can become the most favoured room of your home but during the winter months they are extremely difficult and expensive to heat, while during the summer months they can become hot enough to prevent use and may shorten the life of your conservatory furniture. So if conservatory roof blinds are not the answer -


Of course, replacing the whole roof with a solid roof similar to the rest of your house would be much more efficient than conservatory roof blinds, but the cost of a new conservatory roof will run to several thousands of pounds and is quite a disruptive rebuild project.

Installing one of our beautiful thermal conservatory ceilings is fast, effective and very cost efficient.


So why have an insulated ceiling fitted to your conservatory instead of conservatory roof blinds? After all, the idea was to have a light and airy room wasnt it?

Well the truth is, and I guess you have already discovered this to be true, even if your conservatory is north facing, then it still gets rather warm when the sun does focus on it, and in winter it is very difficult if not impossible to heat adequately.

If you have a bronze poly-carbonate roof, you will no doubt have discovered that  the claims made about its superior heat reflection were at the very least..optimistic.

If you paid extra for glass well you are certainly not suffering quite as much from  the terrible noise that rain can make on a poly-carbonate roof but thermally, you are in trouble.

If you have had your conservatory for a few seasons, then you will likely have already fitted conservatory blinds or at least conservatory roof blinds.

How did they work out?

Conservatory Solutions Conservatory too hot - too coldConservatory Solutions Conservatory too hot

Most conservatory roof blinds have to be supported by wires or nylon cords. Not very pretty!  Still, worth it if they make your conservatory usable for the whole year.

The truth is though,  expensive as they are, conservatory roof blinds will not be sufficient to insulate your conservatory roof.

In winter you will struggle to keep up with the heating and in summer if your conservatory  is south or partially south facing you will be far too hot.

Conservatory blinds are great for privacy and decorative effect, but they will do little to  control the extremes of temperature that most conservatories are subjected to.

The very best solution which actually costs far less than a set of conservatory roof blinds is our unique insulated conservatory ceiling system which also known as a  conservatory roof insulation system.

We can transform your conservatory into a more comfortable living space, 365 days a year.

There is no alteration to any external part of your conservatory.

Internally, we follow the contours of the structure leaving a smooth plastered coat finish. This can then be painted or decorated to match the ceilings in the rest of your home, giving you all the benefits of the bright, airy garden room that you originally desired but without the unforeseen disadvantage of a temperature control nightmare.

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