Failing To Replace Hail Damaged Roof

Failing To Replace Hail Damaged Roof

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Keeping the Insurance Check From a Hail Damaged Roof

Don’t Replace Your Hail Damaged Roof — Keep Your Insurance Check For Hail damage — If you have received an insurance check to replace a hail damaged roof, you may wish to cash the check and keep the proceeds due to a job loss, financial hardship or you even have other investment opportunities that you would like to spend the money on. Well this blog is here to tell you that keeping that insurance check might be a good idea. I am a landlord and live in the mid-west and my properties have been through numerous hail storms. The truth is that a roofing company can find damage on most roofs and claim it is hail. When they meet the insurance adjuster to state their case, the insurance adjuster usually pays out for marketing reasons, not for roof damage reasons. Often, the insurance adjuster won’t even get on the roof if a roofer from a roofing company claims their is hail damage. Most damage claimed to be hail damage is not going to effect your structure negatively due to the simple fact that the shingles overlap. In the unlikely event that rain ever leaks through a "hail dimple" after many years, there is a 99.5% chance that it will leak onto the shingle underneath it which will protect the house from water damage.

In my years as a landlord, I have kept over 20 insurance checks and up to 20+ years later the roofs didn’t leak. I eventually replaced the roofs because they got old and looked bad which had nothing to do with hail.

So unless you had softball sized hail which caused massive dimples and blisters that you can see from the ground, then keep your insurance check from hail damage. Your better off investing the insurance check and getting years more life out of your current roof and then replacing it down the road with the insurance check money you kept and invested. hopefully having much interest in addition.

To keep your insurance check from a hail storm, YOU ALWAYS WANT TO CALL A ROOFING COMPANY FIRST who will then meet the insurance adjuster. Most roofing companies will give FREE ESTIMATES. If you feel guilty about wasting a roofers time by getting a free roof estimate while you have no intention of actually replacing the roof, then tell him he can put one of his roofing signs in your yard for a few weeks. Most roofers will jump at this opportunity for advertising. Do not call the insurance company first! If you call the insurance company first, the adjuster will get on the roof and might not be convinced of hail damage. If you call the insurance adjuster first and you do have hail damage, they often will want to only replace parts of the roof which will yield you a smaller insurance check. If the roofer from the roofing company is there with the adjuster, he/she can argue that your whole roof needs to be replaced because your current shingles won’t match new shingles or that your current shingle is no longer made etc. Your best chance at getting a check for replacing the whole roof is by calling a roofing company first and let him call the insurance adjuster.

Also, your roofer can point out dings in gutters, air conditioners, decks, screens, hot tubs and covers etc. to the insurance adjuster.

Once the roofer meets the adjuster to agree on and point out damages, then the insurance company sends you a check. Then simply keep the check and tell the roofer that you are going to wait to replace the roof. Some insurance companies might require 3 estimates from 3 different roofing companies.

In rare instances like hail storms in a few parts of St. Louis, Missouri, Maryland Heights, Missouri, Bridgeton, Missouri, Florissant, Missouri, St. Charles, Missouri, St. Peters, Missouri, O’fallon, Missouri there was huge hail large enough to do real serious damage to shingles and even the plywood. In these instances fix your roof immediately. This post is refering to those pea sized hail.

What if I don’t replace my hail damaged roof? Don’t worry

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