Flat Roofing Contractors — Toronto Mississauga

Flat Roofing Contractors - Toronto Mississauga

Choosing a Mississauga Toronto Roofing Company to work on your next roofing project is a major decision, and letting roof repair cost be the only determining factor can lead to disappointment and unsatisfactory results.

The price a roofing contractor gives on an estimate is only one point to take into consideration. Other factors to consider when choosing a roofing contractor include business licenses, liability insurance and references that prove the roofers experience.

Weve compiled a list of 10 questions and answers to ask your potential roofing contractor to see if they are right for your job.

After asking these questions, you should have a better idea of who to choose for your home or business roofing project.

1 What warranties do you offer?

Roofing contractors should offer two kinds of warranties: a manufacturer’s warranty and a labour warranty. A manufacturer’s warranty is the guarantee that the maker of the roofing materials offers the customer. It states what the replacement requirements are when the roofing materials are inadequate or defective and how long the roofing materials are typically good for. A labour warranty is what the roofing contractor offers the client on the work performed and completed. It usually promises that all work will be done according to code and to the highest professional standards. It’s important to fully understand the extent of your warranties, and which are applicable if problems do happen in the future. A roofing contractor should be able to easily answer any questions you might have about either manufactures or labour warranties. Professional contractors will back their work with a warranty, and most roofing manufacturers will honour their full warranties when installed by certified installers.

2 Can you take before and after photos to show me the trouble spots on the roof?

Most homeowners don’t have complete access to their roof, or it isn’t safe for a building owner to simply jump on the roof and inspect it. Most roofing contractors can easily take photos on their phones or digital cameras to show you the trouble spots on the roof.

3 Do you have references?

When researching roofing contractors, ask for references of similar work performed within the past 12 months. They should be able to easily offer up to 5 references that you could contact and see the work completed. What youre looking for is an expectation of what it could be like if you hire this roofing contractor to do your job. Were they easy to get along with? Did they clean up the job site at the end of every day? Were all the past customers questions and concerns dealt with?

4  Ask detailed questions about your roofing system

A good way to learn if the roofing contractor you’re considering is a true specialist in their industry, is to ask them specific questions about the roof you need and how they will install it. For example, if youre in the market for a torch-on roof, ask the roofing contractor what kind of material the membrane is made from. You can also ask about the flashing they might use, or the kind of qualities the material will offer. If youre in the market for a new shingle roof, ask them what manufacturers they recommend and like to use, and if they are certified by that manufacturer. The more knowledgeable you are about the roof you need, the better prepared you are to judge the answers you will get.

5 Do they offer a regular maintenance program?

After spending all that money on a new roof, the last thing that you want to think about is when it will need maintenance. But think of your question this way: youre asking the roofing contractor if they are planning on being around in a couple of years, 5 years, 10 years or longer. Regular roof maintenance extends the life and value of your investment, and it is smart to get your roof checked out every now and then. Experienced roofing companies should be ready to discuss a maintenance schedule with building owners.

6 Is the roofing company a qualified Journeyman?

Flat Roofing Contractors - Toronto Mississauga

A Journeyman Roofing contractor is an experienced roofing tradesman that is knowledgeable with all types of roofing applications. This includes all types of membrane roofing, hot and cold applied BUR roofing systems, standing seam metal roofing, shingles, slate and tile roofing, waterproofing and damp roofing systems. The Journeyman roofing contractor is able to train apprentices and has good knowledge of safety requirements and proper training. To have a Journeyman Roofer on your roof is an asset to yourself and your building.

7 Does the roofing contractor have proper liability insurance?

Liability insurance covers the homeowner/business owner from any potential legal issues that arise from accidents, damage or other unforeseen problems that arise during the roofing job. Ask the roofing companies you interview to see a copy of their liability insurance. You can also call the insurance company to see if their insurance is current.

8 What is the roofing companys safety policy?

Every roofing contractor should have its own internal safety code and policies. Every job-site should have its’ own safety plan and every employee should hold Fall Safe Protection training.

9 Does the roofing contractor use superior quality roofing products?

As in all aspects of home construction, there are better quality and lesser quality products available for your roof. If you don’t know much about the roofing trade, it can be hard to know if the materials that the roofer is using are being installed according to product specifications, and if the products are all top quality. One option is educating yourself on the roofing products by checking out the manufacturers websites or going to suppliers. Ask all the roofing companies interviewed why they use the products they do, and how they install them.

You may think that you need a new roof but it might be the case that all you need is a patch. Without inspecting your roof yourself, how can you tell if the roofing contractor is inflating the job? If you suspect this is happening, ask for a second evaluation from another roofing company. Also, ask the roofing contractor to supply you with their reasoning. If they say that the roof has deteriorated all over, give them your digital camera and ask them to take photos of all the areas that they identified as being problematic. See if these problem spots are identified by the second roofing contractor.

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