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With the growing number of TV programmes showcasing do-it-yourself or DIY home improvement projects that (supposedly) any average person with a hammer and a handful of nails can accomplish to produce professional-quality spaces, its no wonder why many are choosing not to pick up their phones and call qualified roof repairers when they discover damage to their roofs. Encouraged by the creative tips and tricks featured by the shows resident experts and guests, viewers figure that leaks, holes and rusty patches can be dealt with using simple objects and a little flick of the wrist, so they arm themselves with tools and attempt the repair project on their own.

However, this is something that experienced roofing contractors will be quick to discourage among homeowners across Australia. Before you decide to fetch that ladder and climb up to your Mornington Peninsula homes roof, consider these three reasons why an honest-to-goodness roof specialist will always be the better choice to tackle that problematic roof.

1. They can easily identify when a harmless-looking leak can be a potentially serious safety hazard or an especially expensive repair job. To most homeowners, a small leak is just a small leak; since its not causing waterfalls to cascade into the property, they think it cant possibly be dangerous. Seasoned roofing contractors. however, will know that even a little water can quickly cause a short circuit in a maze of electrical wiring, or even start a fire. They know that a little leak, when neglected long enough, can cause rot to set into timber. And they also know that when a homeowner says a repair job can wait until next year, the cost of the repair will be much higher when that time comes.

2. They know very well the challenges presented by a damaged roof. Being the solid and stable features that they are, roofs are often thought to be easy to walk over or climb around; once a person gets up there, hell find that the sloping and slippery surface is actually dangerous to traverse — and can even lead to serious and fatal injuries should a person fall to the ground. Roofing experts will have been trained to take on this challenge and perform the repair work while observing the necessary safety procedures.

3. They will have specialised skills for tackling specific roofing problems. Trained contractors will know about general maintenance practices, metal and COLORBOND® roof repairs, repointing, restoration, and roof tile replacement — and these will surely be more than what your volunteering neighbour or friend will know how to do. Its in your best interest to lay down that hammer, step aside, and watch professional roof repairers in action as they bring back the good quality and stability of your homes roof.

After channelling $100 million and 20 years into research and after consultations with 170 home builders, designers, and roll-formers, BlueScope recently announced a new line of COLORBOND® roofing boasting of new coating technologies as well as six new roof colours.

The New Activate technology used in the production of these roofs adds two magnesium compounds on top of the zinc and aluminium coating which have been used prior to the use of the new technology. The result is a roof that offers greater corrosion resistance as well as improved durability of paint colour. Apart from this, the new technology improves the galvanic action of the zinc and enhances the protection given by the aluminium in the coating to the base steel. Finally, the new technology has made the roof more resistant to corrosion even when it is scratched, drilled or cut. As an offshoot of these vast improvements, BlueScope has extended the warranty period in most applications. For example, the warranty period for architectural roofing panels has been extended to 36 years from 15 years.

BlueScope has also overhauled its colour palette after more than 20 years. While five colours have been retired from its product line, it has reintroduced Night Sky while adding six more colours including Basalt, Wallaby, Gully, Cove, Mangrove and Terrain. This brings the total number of colours consumers can choose from to 22 colours.

Company representatives explained that the decision to add new colours came about from consultations with people from the property and building sector and reflects the call for new colours which match new design trends in both residential and commercial buildings.

Apart from the consultations, BlueScope also made sure that each colour option underwent rigorous research and development to ensure improved paint colour durability. Each colour was subjected to outdoor exposure testing beginning in 2008 using the latest laboratory techniques to ensure accurate measurement of coating performance.

All the testing was worth the wait as it was revealed that the new products had shown 85 percent original gloss retention after four years of exposure testing. This figure is up by nine percent from the previous generations 76 percent retention.

With Australias intense sunlight and temperature, many a roof plumber. Mornington Peninsula residents should know, recommends a roof that can thrive in such conditions like COLORBOND®. With the new paint resin technologies used in conjunction with the Activate technology, COLORBOND®s new offering can match these conditions more than adequately.

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