Home maintenance, remodeling, repair, and improvement tips for your property Illinois New Roof Cost

Home maintenance, remodeling, repair, and improvement tips for your property Illinois New Roof Cost

Receive 10% OFF a Shingle Roof Installation if you use this Illinois new roof cost calculator

To calculate your Illinois new roof cost you do not have to get up on the ladder, in many cases everything can be measured from the ground. If you’re trying to figure out northern Illinois new roof cost I have just that information for you… with a 10% OFF bonus if you choose to accept the already low price.

The calculator located below will give you an approximate Illinois new roof cost of an asphalt shingle roof replacement performed by:

JBRoofing Inc. operating in the Illinois / Chicago metropolitan area market for over 15 years.

Keep in mind that prices through the US vary from state to state and this particular calculator has been designed to calculate ONLY the Illinois new roof cost .

Remember that the final number from this new roof cost calculator is only approximate and as good as your measurements. It is just to give you a general idea of your new roof cost.

Dont worry if you are not able to provide accurate measurements either. If you decide to contact JB Roofing, one of their representatives will personally evaluate and re-measure your roof with no cost.

Before calculating your Illinois new roof cost I’d suggest to scroll down (below the calculator) to find out what’s included in the final JB Roofing price and how to operate this roof calculator.

What’s included in the final JB Roofing price:

  • Roof examination and measurement to confirm dimensions provided by the costumer. 

A word of advice: check your attic or ask your roofer to check it before providing you with a full estimate. Ive examined thousands of properties as a home inspector and many of them have had new roofs installed and attics heavily contaminated with mold. Attic mold issue could be resolved by the roofer at the time of a roof replacement

  • Cost of materials: asphalt architectural shingles (30 or 50 year warranty), ice and water shield, felt paper
  • Roof tear-off and disposal if required (calculator option)
  • New chimney and skylight flashing if required (calculator option)
  • Home maintenance, remodeling, repair, and improvement tips for your property Illinois New Roof Cost
  • New ridge vent if desired (calculator option)
  • Labor
  • JBRoofing overhead and profit
  • 10 year labor warranty / material warranty provided by the manufacturer
  • The easiest way to determine approximate Illinois new roof cost is to enter your roofs dimensions into the calculator or rather its ground projection dimensions (click on the drawing to the left for details).

    If your house’s roof has an overhang (just like on the drawing), make sure that you incorporate that overhang into the final dimensions.

    Next important thing is to determine roof’s slope and choose the corresponding menu from underneath.

    • Low – Medium slope roof is easy to walk on making the installation less expensive.
    • Steep and very steep roofs require additional equipment such as roofing jacks, planks, and fall arrest equipment. Therefore, you should expect paying more for such installation.
    • Mansard type roofs are even more difficult to install and estimate may not be as accurate as the 3 previous choices, simply because it requires more precise measurements and climbing up on the roof.

    Is your roof too complex and it doesn’t fit into any of the 4 roof types? Don’t worry, just click 10% OFF button under the Illinois roof cost calculator, complete the form, and you are guaranteed to receive this discount as well.

    In any case, JBRoofing’s representative will always re-measure everything to make sure that youre provided with the best Illinois new roof cost proposal.

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