Home Your Roof Leak Repair Is Guaranteed By My Father And I

Home Your Roof Leak Repair Is Guaranteed By My Father And I

Enjoy a Leak-FREE Winter By Calling David Now at 415-532-5322

Posted on 4th February 2010 by David Escalante in Roof Repair

Imagine you made a simple phone call and pointed at the ceiling. Now it’s raining hard and your roof leak is gone! You feel great, your roof repair worked like magic

Roofing Repair San Rafael, CA Call David Now (son) at: 415-532-5322

Marin homeowner, is water dripping through your ceiling? Want to get rid of that roof leak fast? Now you can! By calling my father and I you will get a roof leak repair that is guaranteed to get rid of your roof leak. You will know right away if it works during the rain. Plus a water test can also help you see immediate results.

My father and I have a combined 27 years of proven roofing experience to better serve your needs. We have helped San Rafael homeowners get rid of roof leaks when others couldn’t. We truly care about getting the job done right.

Roof Repair done quickly and effectively. Call David (son) at 415-532-5322

What you get with your roof leak repair service:

* Free roof repair analysis: There are so many details to look at, if you just miss one youre leaving the door open for the leak to continue.

* Flat roof repair

* Tar and gravel roofing repair

* Emergency Roof Repair For Your Marin San Rafael Home

* Shingle roofing repair

* Fast and rarely if ever seen timely service

* Emergency Flat Roof Repair

* Attention to the vital details for a sure fire water tight repair

* Uncover the source of your leak

* Proven to stop roof leaks fast

* Enjoy a leak FREE winter

* Your repair will work immediately

* Your satisfaction is guaranteed

I know what you’re thinking: There are a lot of roofers and they all know the same stuff. Unfortunately this is not the case. Would you be surprised if I told you that a lot of roofers don’t know how to do a roof repair?

A lady in San Rafael had a roof leak problem in one of her buildings in Petaluma. It’s been leaking since the roof was new! I don’t know about you but this frustrates me. More then likely, she was ripped off.

My father and I came along and stopped the leak right away. From there she kept us busy with two more of her roofs because we proved to her that we know what we are doing.

Why do I care so much? It’s from my integrity. My father taught me to be honest and do the job right. I worked next to him. He was very strict with me and I’m thankful today that he was, it made me a fast learner.

If you have a roof leak and your roof is repairable then I guarantee we can get rid of your leak. The only thing you have to do is call us and point to where it is leaking. We will do all of the hard work for you.

Pick up the phone and dial 415-532-5322 to set an appointment with my father and I.

* You will enjoy a leak free winter.

Home Your Roof Leak Repair Is Guaranteed By My Father And I

* Your flat roof repair will be done right

* Your shingle roof repair will be made to avoid leaks

* Available Monday through Sunday

* Your Marin Home Emergency Roof Leak Repair will be done correctly

* Call now for an immediate repair

If I may be blunt; not all roofs are repairable. Some are beyond repair but call us anyways because my father and I have had excellent results.

I hate going to a roof and seeing a bad repair job. The homeowner paid hard earned money to get the job done right. If this happened to you it’s not your fault, it’s so hard to find a great roof repair team.

To my father and I integrity is important. The number one thing we care about is getting the job done right. Now is the time to start enjoying the comfort of a leak free roof.

Want to get rid of your roof leak? Go to your phone right now and dial 415-532-5322 to avoid another roof leak.

You will feel comfortable knowing you have a roof repair team that truly cares about keeping your roof secure.

We reserve the right to refuse a job. Remember not all roofs are repairable and some we will not be able to guarantee. Give my father and I a call anyways because you deserve to get the job done right!

Call now before someone else does. My father and I are only 2 people and we work on one job at a time. So space is limited. Call now my father and I will help you get rid of your roof leak.

Best Regards,

David Escalante

P.S.S Please remember space is limited; we dedicate a lot of time and effort with every person. So call now to start enjoying a leak free winter.

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