Katepal SuperKatepal roofing shingles

Katepal SuperKatepal roofing shingles

SuperKatepal elastomer bitumen roofing shingles give the DIY-builder access to professional quality performance.

Katepal now brings the material used by roofing professionals, SBS elastomer bitumen, within reach of DIY-builders, throughout the entire range of designs and colours.

Great bending durability and improved tear resistance

SuperKatepal shingles are exceptionally durable even when subjected to repeated bending. This is a quality you will appreciate, especially at the installation stage when working on edges and turns. In addition, SuperKatepal’s tear resistance, for example in places where nails are driven, far exceeds the performance of previous materials.

Elastic even when cold

The material of SuperKatepal roofing shingles retains it’s elasticity even in cold conditions. Good resistance to cold brings savings in material use and increases flexibility in choosing the time of installation.

Durable material

SBS elastomer bitumen is a tough and durable material, with good resistance to mechanical and chemical stress. Experience of professional roofing applications has shown that the life span of elastomer bitumen is more than double compared to that of standard bitumen roofing materials.

Mineral granules do not come loose

The elastomer bitumen of the new SuperKatepal shingles provides an even better bond with the granular surfacing. Thanks to the rough surface, snow does not slide off the roof and no snow guards are needed.

Excellent yet economical

Roofing shingles manufactured of SuperKatepal elastomer bitumen are just as affordable as those made of conventional material. Be sure to insist on SuperKatepal materials when building your roof.

Product data

  • Reinforcement: Non-woven glass fibre
  • Insulating layer: SBS elastomer bitumen
  • Top surface: Coloured slate or mineral granules
  • Undersurface: Self-adhesive elastomer bitumen
  • Shingle dimensions: 1.00 x 0.32 m (22 pcs/pack)
  • Package weight: 24 — 27 kg depending on granular surface
  • Ready roofing 3 m²/package
  • Each roll packaging includes detailed installation instructions. Installation instructions for underlay sheeting can be found on the reverse side of the roll wrapping

Katepal product package

More detailed information on quantities of roofing shingles and supplies are provided in product brochures.

Shingle roofing gives you the following benefits:

  • shingle roofing is waterproof, durable and good looking
  • the surfacing of the shingles is mineral based, so it will not peel off like plastic coated steel sheet

easy to install for DIY-builders

  • the material is lightweight, elastic and easy to work; no special tools or equipment needed

    Katepal’s range of shingles provides a wide range of options for a handsome roof and a shingle roof blends in well with built and natural environments

  • quiet in rainy and windy weather
  • in the winter snow does not slide off to into trafficked areas, onto garden plants etc.
  • a decking of solid timber boarding as a substrate for the roofing strengthens the roof structure and enables safe walking on the roof, acts as sound insulation and evens out moisture and temperature variations
  • roofing shingles on a solid wood boarded deck make your roof safe, durable and attractive. Read more .
  • Bitumen roofing shingles outperform other roofing materials.

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