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Leaky Roof Repair Redbeacon

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Having a leaky roof is bad for a number of different reasons. Once there is damage done to your roof, rain and other debris can fall into your actual home – making for a hazardous situation. If you notice that one part of your roof seems to be leaking, you shouldn’t have to resort to placing buckets underneath the leaks. It isn’t all that difficult to repair a leaky roof, so as long as you have a ladder – you can have it fixed in no time. We recommend calling a professional though if you have never dealt with roofing before or if you are disabled.

Below is a list of helpful hints and tips for repairing a leaky roof. There are many different ways you could go about fixing the problem, but they all should end in the same way – no more leaks!

1. The First Part of Fixing it is Locating It

Sometimes you may not have an overly obvious leak and you may not be able to pinpoint the leak right away. Roofing develops leaks when there are cracked or missing shingles, or if there is generalized damage done to an area on your roof (caused by storm damage for example).

2. Remember Your Precautions

Roofing leaks, even when minor, can turn into a huge problem and cause lots of damage.

Working on a roof is very dangerous, and if you are not a roofing contractor the idea may spook you a little bit. If you are afraid of heights, we would not recommend attempting to fix the problem yourself. There are a few precautions that you should always follow when working with roofs. First of all, all work done to your roof should be done on a sunny day. This may seems obvious to most people, but we cannot stress enough how important it is to check the weather in your area. If there is even a chance of rain for that day, we would not recommend working on the roof since a slippery roof is just asking for injuries. You should have safety ropes as well for any workers helping to repair the roof. Always take special care to wear rubber-soled shoes while working on a roof since they provide the most traction and stability. Also keep in mind any power lines that may be nearby — the last thing you need is for somebody to get hurt.

3. Shingle Roofs May Be the Easiest to Fix

To locate damage done to a shingle roof, after locating the leak point you should be able to see damage or perhaps curled up shingles. This will indicate severe water damage since there is an obvious leak and deformed shingles. If the damage is not obvious, you may need to call in a roofing contractor to see what the real issue is. Sometimes it is more complicated and has to do with the interior of the roof.

4. Roof Leaks Are Serious

Leaky Roof Repair Redbeacon

If too much water is able to be absorbed through the damaged roof, it can create rotting wood and mold within the insulation. This is very bad to breathe, and is one reason that you should get regular check-ups to make sure that your roof is in order.

5. Check Out Your Attic

If you are having trouble locating the exact source of the leak, try going in your attic. Even if a visible water drip is not there, you should be able to see blackened water stains or mold growing where the leak should be. Once you have located the leak, you should go to your nearest home improvement store and purchase the sealant that is right for your type of roof.

Roofing leaks, even when minor, can turn into a huge problem and cause lots of damage. Too many people ignore small leaks because they don’t want to spend the money, but then it ends up costing them down the road when their ceiling is damaged or all the wood in the area has rotted. Stay safe and check your roof regularly.

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