Malarkey Shingles Roofing Introduction on Malarkey Malarkey Shingles

Malarkey Shingles Roofing Introduction on Malarkey Malarkey Shingles

Learn the facts that you should know about Malarkey Shingles.

Malarkey shingles manufactured by Malarkey Roofing Products of Oregon, a family owned company, have been a favorite of roofing contractors ever since they appeared in the market in 1950s. The company introduced its fiberglass shingles in the USA market in 1970s and in 1997, the company came up with the first SBS modified laminated shingle. Presently, the company manufactures a complete range of roofing shingles, from the basic of 3-tabbed shingle with a 20-year guarantee to top of the line Legacy brand.

Malarkey still rate as one of the best available shingles in the country and known for its attention to detail, which has resulted in some very thoughtful and innovative changes made to Malarkey shingles .

Malarkey Shingles

For roofing to stay put in place it is critical that it is installed properly. It was observed that one of the major reasons why warranty claims of competitive products were being rejected because of poor installation. The roofing contractor had to bear the liability because wrong installation voided manufacturer’s warranty. The reason however was the small nailing area in majority of laminated shingles, which lead to poor fastening and improper installation. To address to this problem, Malarkey shingles created ‘The Zone’ design for better fastening as well as for preventing leaks.

‘The Zone’ allows a larger nailing area making installation of easier as the nailing area is increased by almost 300%. Actually Malarkey shingles can be installed in a fraction of time as compared to other shingles in the market. Another advantage of this innovative design is that it greatly reduces installer errors. It allows better fastening and eliminates possibility of narrow depressions or troughs seen in standard shingles. Formation of troughs is a major source of leaks as they allow water to flow sideways. For additional protection, two rubber modified seals are placed for preventing water from blowing up behind the shim. ‘The Zone’ design was patented in 2001 and is available only in Malarkey shingles.

Malarkey Shingles

Besides making better shingles and trying to solve each issue that installers bring to its notice, the other issue that the company is taking seriously since 1984 is its green initiative. The evidence of its commitment to reducing its carbon footprint and making this planet a better place to live in is provided by the State of Oregon’s Governor’ Award for energy conservation for installation of a methane recovery pipeline that it got in partnership with the City of Portland. The recycling system reduces Malarkey’s consumption of natural gas by over 80%.

In addition, Malarkey shingles are available in several Energy Star ratings providing homeowners options for saving energy. The latest release from the house of Malarkey shingles is 40 and 50-year solar reflective shingles marketed under brand name of Ecoasis (Energy Star “cool roof”).

Malarkey shingles provide superior performance in extreme weather conditions (extreme cold and high winds) and algae resistance.

Malarkey shingles are available in a variety of warranties. Warranties depend upon the shingle series and range from 20-year weights in 3-tab designs to 50-year SBS modified laminated Legacy shingles. Please let us know if you need more Malarkey Shingles information by clicking Contact Us.

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