Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for the Roof

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for the Roof

Outline the roof with clear C9 Christmas lights and secure using light clips. Complete the look by wrapping mini lights around columns and railings.

Line the roof and eaves with large white C9 bulbs and use smaller 5MM LED lights to wrap trees and shrubs.

Alternate red and cool white LED lights on the roof with single or dounle color patterns.

Light the house like a Christmas present using alternating red and green lights. Ideas include alternating every other bulb, or placing bulbs together in groups of two. Net lights on bushes complete the look.

Create a colorful roof top display using transparent, opaque, or LED lights. Opaque bulbs look like pieces of candy in a gingerbread house, while multicolor LED lights shine a glow that can be seen from afar. Create single, two or three color light patterns to switch up the display each year.

Multicolor C9 bulbs, like these combined blue and green, are great for sporting events and any holiday. Customize display with stringers and C9 bulbs.

Decorate homes for the holidays with icicle lights and create a Victorian era dream house. Add red bows to light posts and wreaths and greenery for classic Christmas decorating ideas.

Hang icicle lights from the roof and outline rooftops with C9 bulbs for a well-lit Christmas home. Short drops look especially bright on stucco and other flat surfaces.

A unique idea in decorating the roof for Christmas is to use All-in-One Plus light clips to hang both C9 bulbs and icicle strings together. Switch the color patterns for extra holiday fun.

Christmas Light Themes for the Roof

Outdoor Christmas Lights Ideas for the Roof

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White LED Lights: Popular outdoor Christmas light ideas for the roof include C9 Christmas lights, a bulb large enough to be seen in full color from the road. The size of the C9 creates a visual impact to draw attention to your house. Add some ground lighting, including walkways and lighted trees, and a Christmas house is complete from roof to curb. Ideas in Christmas light themes help to personalize roof outlines, are easy to achieve using bulbs and stringers, and can be customized every season for a new or updated theme. Choose clear or warm white LED lights for a soft white light, or cool white LED lights for more of an ice color light.

Candy Cane Christmas Roof Lights: Get creative with lighting the roof, using red and cool white LED bulbs, or red and clear incandescent lights on the roof. Secure C9 bulbs along the roof in an alternating pattern, and use stakes along the ground to tie the very top of the house together with even the finest details below. Branch out from this fun pattern on other parts of the house and yard, including porch railings and trees and bushes.

Red / Green Christmas Roof Lights: Choose a red and green light theme for your house this season to bring festivity and holiday cheer to the neighborhood. Outline the roof and windows with C9 red and green bulbs. This traditional lighting theme is a classic favorite, although the reality is that red and green lights are an idea not often found outdoors. For more fun, add a white bulb to the mix.

Colorful Lights: With even spacing between each bulb, multicolor or solid colored C9 lights make a stunning impression lining the home. Create retro or visually powerful lighting effects with color LED lights. Ideas in decorating a roof with color lights include placing bulbs in sockets in single, double, or even triple color pattern sequence.

Theme Lights: Multicolor C9 bulbs can be used with stringers in any combination, like these blue and green theme lights. To celebrate for any festivities, sporting events, holidays, and more, stringers can be customized with bulbs of your choice.

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