Shingle Restorer Product Info — Shingle Restorer™ — The Preventative Maintenance Product for

Micropenetrant� Technology — A patented formulation that extends the life of asphalt shingle roofs naturally. Contains no harmful chemicals or VOC’s.

How Shingle Restorer Works

  • Shingle Restorer  is an organic micro-penetrant that resaturates asphalt roof shingles at a molecular level. Our patented emulsion is spray applied to roofs and within 72 hours the active ingredients micro penetrate your shingles and re-activate their  seal strips. The active ingredients  in Shingle Restorer last for 3 years and can also be applied annually to extend the life of the shingles.

Product Background: Asphalt roofing ages through photo-oxidation and heat from the sun which often drives summer roof surface temperatures above 132F. The  asphalts melt point increases due to ongoing loss of plasticizers which keep asphalt roofing systems pliable and flexible and facilitate daily expansion and contraction. Loss of these plasticizers leads to surface shrinkage which causes asphalt roofing to become brittle and crack. Shingle Restorer is a patented organic micropenetrant  emulsion that rejuvenates and re-saturates asphalt roofing systems,  reducing surface tension and surface shrinkage — the leading cause of granule loss from the outer protective mineral layer of Asphalt Shingles and Modbit BUR roofing systems.  Shingle Restorer   actually rejuvenates shingles by re-bonding  the granular protective later to the outer surface without changing the colour or aesthetics of your roof.

  • Description: Shingle Restorer is a water based, non toxic, organic emulsion  that  reduces the impact of solar UV degradation on asphalt roof shingles and SBS Modbit roof systems.  Shingle Restorer can be spray or brush applied to asphalt roofing systems to help restore pliability, flexibility and extend roof life. Unlike traditional roof coatings which are applied to the outer protective mineral layer of Shingles and SBS Modbit roofing systems, Shingle Restorer micro-penetrates the outer mineral layer and rejuvenates the inner fiber reinforced layer and the adhesive seal strips that keep shingle and membrane roofs watertight. Shingle Restorer allows shingle roof systems to breath naturally by absorbing and releasing moisture, unlike  elastomeric and urethane  roof coatings which inhibit roof surfaces from breathing and can accelerate the roof aging process.
  • Features: Shingle Restorer is an organic asphalt micropenetrant containing no solvents, VOCS or environmentally toxic ingredients. Overspray is not harmful to  people, pets, plants, cars or the environment and can be washed off with soap and water. The product forms a milky white residue on roof surface when initially applied, which dissipates after 1-2 hours.
  • Uses: 1) As a non toxic micropenetrant for spray or brush  application to all types of asphalt shingle roofs. 2) As a non toxic micropenetrant for spray or brush  application to SBS Modbit roof systems.
  •  Limitations: Shingle Restorer is formulated  to  prevent granule loss, premature curling, cracking, buckling and alligatoring of asphalt roof shingles and SBS Modbit roof systems. If advanced  signs of any of these conditions is already evident within the roof system, the benefits of  Shingle Restorer will be limited. Application of the product below 10 degrees Celsius will negate  product efficacy.
  • Preparation:   Ensure roof surfaces are dry and free from moisture and frost. Clear roof surface of all loose debris, and use a broom or blower to remove loose dust and dirt.  Do not apply Shingle Restorer if rain is expected within 6-8 hours of application.
  • Application: For maximum efficacy, the ideal temperature for applying  Shingle Restorer is between 10C/32F and  30C/86F. Surface temperature  must remain above freezing for at least 24 hours after product is applied.
  • Do a trial test before application. The roofs surface color appearance will darken slightly during application until fully dry. When  using a sprayer, move all objects that could come in contact with wet over spray. Start applying product at the furthest point of roof to avoid  the need to walk across treated roof surfaces which will be slippery while wet. Spray or brush apply evenly, working  from side to side in 4-5 foot sections from the top of the roof to the eave. Spray  until surface has a wet milky consistency. Avoid run off and pooling.  Use a 4×4 sheet of poly  protection board  when  spray  applying product. This helps  prevent overspray from coming in contact with adjacent walls, siding, cars, furniture, decks, plants and shrubs. Over spray can easily be removed by flushing immediately with water while wet and with soap and water when dry. Do not apply if rain is expected within 6-8  hours.
  • Coverage:  Shingle Restorer is supplied in 5 US Gallon Pails (18.9L). Spray application provides best results and coverage and ranges between 1600 sq.ft/5 gal pail and 3200 sq.ft. per 5 gallon pail. Refer to dilution rates below;
  • 1:1  Restoration Blend —  Shingle Restorer weather protects shingles for 3 years this  deep penetration treatment re-seats granules, re-saturates the inner fibre layers and  re-saturates seal strips.  Mixing 1:1 will enhance your roof color by 3 shades and reduce visible stains caused by mold. Recommended for Shingle Roofs 10 years and older.
  • 2:1- Rejuvenation Blend — Shingle Restorer weather protects shingles for 2 years this  intermediate penetration treatment  re-seats granules and re-saturates inner fibre layers. Mixing 2:1 will enhance roof color by 2 shades . Recommended for Shingle Roofs 5 -10 years old.
  • 3:1- Revitalizer Blend -Shingle Restorer weather protects shingles for 1 year — re-seats granules, and replaces the petrochemicals which are naturally absorbed in to the atmosphere  with active vegetable oil ingredients which are less prone to UV evaporation. Mixing 3:1 will enhance roof color by 1 shade and reduce the damaging  effects of UV degradation as your roof shingles progressively age. Shingle Restorer revitalizes the inner fibre layers of shingles and enriches roof color by 1 shade.
  • 10:1- Maintenance Blend -Shingle Restorer also works a roof rinse on newer shingles of up to 4 years old. Simply adding SR to a Gilmour garden sprayer and rinsing your roof will re-seat granules, and cleans shingles.  Mixing 10:1 will not enhance roof color
  • Warning: Avoid  walking over wet surfaces which will be slippery while wet. DO NOT apply more than one coat as roof shingles will become tacky. DO NOT USE UNDILUTED or in concentrations above 1:1

  • Storage and Clean Up:   Protect product from freezing. Do not store below 10C/32F. Wash tools and brushes with clean water and flush sprayer tanks out with fresh water.
  • Shingle Restorer  keeps asphalt shingles on roofs longer and out of landfills -saving the environment and saving you money.

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