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How to Install Shingles — Part 3 | Homeowners Guide to a Shingle Re Roof Replacement

The following article is Part 3 of a 5 Part Series from our of roofing articles library titled, "A Homeowners Guide to Shingle Roof Replacement".

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Introduction to Comparing Roof Shingles

Comparing roofing shingles is much more involved than just simply comparing the roof shingles themselves.

The way your shingle roof is installed is very easily more important than the shingle material used, so comparing the way shingles are installed and comparing the shingle installers is very important — as is comparing the roof shingles and materials that go in to doing a proper shingle re roof.

There are many ways to short a shingle roof installation, many shingle installers dont even know they are installing the shingles to an inferior specification, and of course some folks just dont want to put in the extra work required to shingle a re roof to the highest and best standard.

Or some shingle installers don’t know that failing to inspect the attic space prior to installing your new shingles could easily be cheating you the home-owner out of up to 50% of the new shingle re-roof lifespan otherwise available if your attic space was functioning properly before they began installing your new roofing shingles.

Installing a shingled roof to the GRS Installation Standard does cost a little more. It does takes the shingle installers more time, it does takes an experienced shingle installer, and the shingle materials used — such as the roof underlayment and te roof drip edge also cost real money.

But a great shingle installer, supplied with the right accessory shingle roofing materials, can install a 30 year shingle system that will last longer than a 50 year or lifetime system that was installed just average or poorly. So who really gets the best value for their money?

Our Philosophy and Guarantee

Because General Roofing Systems has a Lifetime Workmanship Guarantee on all new shingle roof installations, we cannot compromise our shingle installations with inferior roofing material, sub standard shingle application methods, or roofing installers with-out an eye for detail. We are tied to our shingle roof installation workmanship we cant get it wrong.

When you get a new shingle roof from General Roofing, we only accept one way great shingles, the best shingle installers, and shingle installation and application specs that go far above average or "acceptable" standards.

Many prospective customers ask us to lower our shingle installation specifications due to the marginal cost increase, but we can’t as we guarantee or workmanship for the lifetime you own your home. Lowering our application specifications for shingle installation would cause us to change our workmanship guarantee and we are only interested in putting on the best roof you can own, the best way we know how.

General Roofing Systems Standards of Shingle Installation and Conduct

The installation specification that GRS shingle roofers install to is the highest standard it is very important to us and we protect the integrity of our shingle installations with extreme diligence.

Our specification of shingle installation meets or well exceeds any Building Code, Association Specification, Manufacturer Specification, and Competitor Specification.

Or, below is a an easy to use chart that shows the difference between standard shingle installations and the GRS Shingle Installation Standards.

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