Solar Power Portal Awards 2014 The Winners Solar Power Portal

Solar Power Portal Awards 2014 The Winners Solar Power Portal

Last night saw the winners of the 2014 Solar Power Portal Awards crowned. The black tie dinner was an enormous success which saw the industry gather together under one roof to celebrate each others successes.

Kate Humble was in charge of hosting the event and did a great job of keeping the gregarious crowd engagedone shepherd whistle later.

Commenting on the 2014 Solar Power Portal Awards, Jerry Hamilton, director of renewables at Rexel Energy Solutions said: Last nights awards were fantastic, a great celebration of a years hard work. Competitors, friends and foes all celebrating the hard work the industry has undoubtedly put in."

Hamilton added: Now its time to roll our sleeves up and do it all again for another year."

Without further ado, here are the winners of the 2014 Solar Power Portal Awards:

Commercial Rooftop Installation

Sponsored by Rexel Energy Solutions

Our most-entered category, the solar industry has clearly picked up on the governments call to make roof-mounted solar a priority. Choosing a winner was a difficult decision for the judges as two entries in particular, stood out from the rest with one being highly commended.

The highly commended project was Lakeside Energy from waste, Belectric UK.

The winner of the category was:

Kingspan Insulation Selby, Kingspan Energy

The judges said that the project served as an exemplar to others, and were particularly impressed by the arrays integration with an F to A energy efficient refurbishment. The judges said that the project turned a dreadful building which was a complete waste, to something that was in a class of its own. Thats the way every building should go.

Community installation

Community installations serve as natural showcases for solar energy, benefitting both the local populace and the wider environment. This year, entries ranged from care homes, schools, colleges to churches.

The winner of the award was:

Coalfields community sustainable energy programme, CRT Renewable Energy

Judges agreed that the winning entry was wonderful example of the power of solar as we move towards decentralised generation an entry that addressed a wide section of society in its bid to helping communities.

Public space installation

Solar is key to the future of energy management and consumption in the public sector. This award recognises the most responsive, well-designed, economical and efficient solar installation in a public space.

The winner of the award was:

Middlesex University Hospital, Spirit Solar

The judges said that it was good to see the solar industry working with the construction industry adding: Spirit Solar did an excellent job; put a nice system up after an involved tender/construction process."

Domestic rooftop installation

Domestic installations have always played a major role in UK solar. Look up as you drive or walk through any residential area — sooner rather than later you are sure to find a rooftop of solar panels. Their visibility also underlines why good design and installation techniques are so important for the reputation of the UKs solar industry. A high commendation was awarded to IRFTS for My Eco Home.

The winner was:

Croyde Cottage, Solarsense UK

The judges were impressed by the winners by display of good integration including thermal, electric loads with car charging adding that it is an impressive installation on east-west roof. An exceptional project both aesthetically and technically.

Communications campaign

The solar industry presents communication professionals with a set of unique challenges: From misleading mainstream media coverage to shifting policies and CfD concerns, the will to create a strong, unified communications campaign, for an industry with an ever-changing outlook, is not a task for the faint hearted.

The winner was:

The Solar Trade Association for Solar Independence Day

The judges said that the winning campaign helped move the industry forward with a level of transparency and openness that reflected well on the industry.

Most successful integrated renewables system

Sponsored by Next Energy News

With the launch of the domestic Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI), the rise of energy storage, monitoring, smart grids and smart meters; coupled with declining tariffs has pushed the need for installers to look at how solar can play a role in a whole house solution.

A high commendation was awarded to Sheeplands Farm, The Greener Group.

The winner was:

The Solar House, Newform Energy

The judges felt that the winning project showed impressive integration between a number of technologies working together trialling all the new components and monitoring it to determine the real benefits of the system.

Renewable heat installation

Awarded to the most effective, innovative and responsive renewable heat installation three particular projects stood out from the crowd. The shortlisted projects showcased exceptional system design to perfectly marry output with demand.

The winner was:

Bradfield college art wing, Spirit Solar

The judges commented that the winning project demonstrated a holistic view of renewables and this project represents a great showcase for the power of renewables.

Project finance innovation

A new category for this year, the award is designed to recognise those who break industry conventions to deliver project finance to solar developments in challenging circumstances. The rise in demand for finance coupled with diminishing government sources have driven the need for ground-breaking solutions in lower costing capital.

A high commendation was awarded to Liddeston Ridge PV array, Port of Milford Haven

The winner was:

Lightsource Renewable Energy

The judges said that Lightsource was by far the largest company in the UK solar sector and put solar on the map. Lightsource saw the opportunity and as a result has created the market for other finance companies to enter the market.

Ground-mount solar site (10MW)

Despite the push towards ever larger solar sites, smaller scale ground mounted solar arrays remain an extremely important sector of the UK solar market. The shortlisted projects in this category all demonstrated innovative solutions, sensitive siting, appropriate site management and exceptional energy yield.

A high commendation was awarded to Baglan Bay, St Modwen Plc and Eco Energy Power Solutions and BELECTRIC UK s Willersey Solar Farm.

The winner was:

Solar Power Portal Awards 2014 The Winners Solar Power Portal

Ketton Cement Works, Lark Energy

The judges felt the standards were exceptionally high in this category and decided to award two high commendations as well as an overall winner.

The winning project was praised for its innovative design. The judges said: The projects innovative active power management sets a standard for difficult connections.

Utility-scale solar farm (10MW)

As the most contentious form of solar energy generation, well-designed and considered solar farms are essential to the sectors continued success. From extensive community engagement to boosting biodiversity, the shortlisted projects represent some of the best work in this space.

A high commendation was awarded to Ermine Street Solar Farm, Lightsource Renewable Energy.

The winner was:

Lackford Estate Solar Park, Low Carbon

Installer of the year

Sponsored by BayWa R.E. Solar Systems

Another new addition to the awards Installer of Year recognises an installer who has consistently demonstrated an unparalleled level of high-quality solar installations throughout 2014.

A high commendation was awarded to EvoEnergy.

The winner was:

SunGift Solar

The judges said that SunGift has shown commitment to the future of the industry with a training programme and their soliciting of customer feedback is admirable.

Rexel Foundation Prize

The second last award of the evening was a special prize sponsored by the Rexel Foundation. An amazing 15,000 prize was awarded to the most deserving non-profit-making organisation that has developed and executed a socially innovative community project in 2014, benefiting those most in need in terms of energy and cost savings.

The judges selected the winning application because it recognises the initial success and further aspirations of supporting 600 vulnerable residents who will receive support to help change their behaviour to energy to help bring them out of fuel poverty. The proposal for further work contains a practical approach in line with the aims of the Rexel Foundation. The prize will be used to help implement practical solutions for resident with a long term impact on reducing consumers energy bills over time.

The winner was:

Energise Sussex Coast

The Solar Power Portal Outstanding Achievement Award

This award goes to a personality whose work and influence has taken this industry to a higher level.

The person selected for this award has been at the heart of the solar industry in the UK for more than three decades. He has educated and helped influence more than seven energy administrations in the UK government around the benefits and potential of solar technologies in the UK energy mix.

His tireless work with relevant associations from the Renewable Energy Industry Association to the Solar Trade Association has seen him achieve real results for the industry as a whole. He is a well liked figure, respected by all in the UK solar industry and tonight we are honoured to be able award him the Solar Power Portal Achievement Award for 2014 to recognise his impact on the industry and contribution to the future of energy generation in the UK.

The winner of this years Solar Power Portal Outstanding Achievement Award 2014 was:

Ray Noble

Thats it for this year, thanks once again to all our judges and sponsors. Hope everyones heads are OK this morning and I look forward to the 2015 Solar Power Portal Awards.

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