The Re-Roof Process Guide For Homeowners

The Re-Roof Process Guide For Homeowners

Hiring A Roofer

Choosing the best roofing contractor for your project is step A in your re-roof process. Here is a list of bullet points to guide you through the process.

  • Receive 3-5 bids from established local roofing contractors.
  • Verify their credentials, are they licensed, bonded and insured.
  • Check their online ratings though Google Places, Yelp and other review sites. Simply type in “customer reviews for __________”.
  • Compare the quotes to see what system types, prices and warranties are being offered.
    The Re-Roof Process Guide For Homeowners
  • Choose the roofer that provides the best quality system at a fair price and that you feel comfortable working with. Don’t just go with the lowest bid; often times you sacrifice a lot of quality or you’re dealing with someone who is cutting corners to get the price down.

The Re-Roof Process In A Nutshell

The ingredients of a roofing system.

After selecting a good trustworthy contractor your project can now begin. In general you will not need to be involved with the process because you have hired a professional that knows what they are doing. It’s ok to ask questions during the re-roof if they come up. Be sure to communicate with your contractor if something isn’t being performed to the contract standards.

Here is a list of the basic steps of your projects.

The contractor will start by making sure all your valuables are protected. Any exposed decking in the line of fire or bushes that need to be protected are covered by tarps or drop cloths.

        1. A crew of roofing technicians will begin tearing-off your existing roof. This could take anywhere from 4 hours to 2 days depending on the size and pitch of the roof.
        2. The debris will be placed in either a dump truck or a canister that can be parked in the driveway or on the side of the road. If there is no access to the home the debris will need to be thrown onto a tarp and then moved a second time. This process takes a lot more time so be patient with your roofer if there is not good access to your home.
        3. Once the roof is stripped to the decking it will be inspected. Any rotten sheathing or framing needs to be addressed at this point. Roofing over rot is hazardous to your homes health.
        4. Now the flashings underlayment and shingles will be installed in a systematic fashion. Different types of shingles have unique fastening and installation patterns.
        5. Once the roof is completely installed a thorough cleanup is performed. Typically the roof and gutters are cleaned out and a magnetic rake is run through the yard, garden beds and driveway to collect all nails.

        Post Roofing Meeting

        Hopefully you have had a trouble free re-roof and have been able to work through any discrepancies easily. This process is not easy but at this point you have a beautiful new roof you can be proud of and it will protect your home for years to come. Take time to go over the roof with your contractor, ask any questions and address any issues before making final payment.

        Roofing is very tedious work and the contractors that are credible strive to maintain their standards. Visit their online review sites and give them a great rating, this is an invaluable thank you for a job well done.

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