Water-Tight Flat Roof Repair For San Rafael, CA

Water-Tight Flat Roof Repair For San Rafael, CA

Flat Roof Repair Guaranteed By My Father and I

Flat Roof Repair for San Rafael Marin County area.

Is water dripping through your flat roof? Are you looking for a fast and effective flat roof repair? To enjoy a leak-FREE winter you simply call, point at the ceiling, and we will take care of everything for you!

Your analysis is completely free because it is extremely important to pinpoint what needs to be done. My father and I will check all the vital details for you, plus we’ll arrive on-time, Guaranteed.

David (son): 415-532-5322 The Analysis to uncover what needs to be done is FREE

  • Is water leaking through your flat roof?
  • Are you looking for a fast and effective flat roof repair ?
  • Did your tenants call you with a roof leak problem?

    Imagine all of the rain this Winter. The wind is blowing hard and leaves are blowing everywhere. Is your flat roof strong enough to prevent leaks? If not, now is the best time to avoid a roof leak this winter.

    With our fast and timely service you can quickly avoid another roof leak. You simply pick up the phone and you will have our roof leak repair, flat roof repair, or shingle roof repair timely service available.

    You will have our attention exclusively on your roof leak repair

    This means you will avoid the hassle of someone trying to sell you a complete roof (when you only want a flat roof repair).

    Flat roofs seem to have the most problems from puddles to cracks and leaves clogging drains.

    You will have fast expert help to avoid and stop roof leaks all Winter long. What would it be like if your roof did not leak this winter?

    Your mind can be free to focus on more important issues. That’s why we’re here to help you protect your roof. To keep the roof over your family’s head leak-free.

    • Flat Roof Repair
    • Your analysis will uncover areas that need to be sealed and secured
    • Roof Leak Repair
    • Available Monday through Sunday (Yes you may call on Sunday — rain or shine)
    • Avoid the pressure of getting a new roof
    • You will enjoy a leak-free Winter
    • Have peace of mind and comfort during heavy rainfall
    • Call now for an immediate repair!

      Together we can fight off roof leaks fast. This father and son team is here to help homeowners avoid and stop roof leaks. We have proven experience helping Marin County homeowners get the right roof repair they need.

      You can avoid the hassle of dealing with someone that wants to sell you a complete roof when you only need a repair. We guarantee that you will only have our focus strictly on the vital areas of your roof that actually need the repair.

      Save money in the long haul

      Your home will be protected against dry-rot. I’ve actually seen a roof that partially caved in. The landlord thought that he was saving money by ignoring the leaks.

      He asked me if I could repair it but I told him that honestly he needs to replace everything including the plywood (it was scary to walk on his roof, it felt like you could fall right through the ceiling).

      You can avoid problems like this and avoid the regret of not doing something sooner (some roofs are beyond repair).

      If you recognize that your roof needs a repair, we can help. Whether you need help avoiding a leak on your flat roof or shingled roof, now is the best time protect your home.

      Your roof leak will stop in its tracks. Typically you will see results immediately even during heavy rain (a fact that we are proud of).

      When you call us today you will be able to set an appointment with a roof repair team. My father and I will first look at your ceiling to see where you had a previous or current leak.

      Attention to the vital details of your roof is important. If you just miss one detail, your roof can keep leaking

      Your roof will be thoroughly checked to uncover areas that need to be sealed and secured (this takes some time because it’s important to pinpoint the right areas).

      After we are confident we know where the water is coming in from we build a solution that is right for your roof.

      You will see results fast

      Call now with confidence! We can do a water test so you can see the results immediately. Obviously we are willing to stand by our roof repairs. After seeing proven results you’ll know you will have a leak-free Winter.

      My name is David and my father and I will fight hard to protect your roof. We truly care about giving you the right roof repair.

      It’s important to us from a professional and an integrity standpoint. When you see the results you will be able to help your friends and family with similar problems.

      They will not have to waste time with people who only say they can do a roof repair right but work with a team that actually can.

      Best Regards,

      David Escalante


      P.S From what we understand guarantees for roof repairs are unheard of. Because we care about getting the job done right, we give guarantees on most roofs.

      P.S.S My father and I work together so space is limited! Call now to be first in line.

      Roof Leak Repair Testimonial

      "We consider it our great good fortune to have met David and his father. They both radiate a rare sincerity and willingness to go the extra mile while remaining completely professional. As property managers, we had a ten year old problem with a mystery leak in one of the houses we take care of.

      We tried everything from replacing decks, gutters and downpipes and naturally examined the roof in great detail.

      David and his father found the problem in no time at all and in addition, their quote was surprisingly reasonable. We have used their services on a number of occasions and will continue to do so, as we are completely satisfied with their work."


      Judith Stern San Rafael, CA

      To Enjoy A Leak Free Winter Call David Now at 415-532-5322

      What Is Your Flat Roof Leak Near?

      • A skylight
      • Roof flashing
      • Chimney Flashing
      • Roof Drain
      • Area where the flat roof meets your shingled roof
      • See results without voting

        Flat Roof Patch Success

        "My flat roof was leaking for over a week. I called and was able to schedule an appointment with David and his father within 2 days of the call. They evaluated the roof, gave me a very reasonable price and said they could fix it that very day. The very next day we had a HUGE storm and my roof did NOT leak.

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