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Call Alpine Dallas Residential Roofing to inspect your roof and home and advise you on the best solution for your situation. As always we deliver a competitive quote backed by our experienced and professional radiant barrier installers. So enjoy the peace of mind that comes from an Alpine Roofing residential roof crew for your radiant barrier services at 214-528-9897 .

Quality roofing job


We had a lot of leak problems with our roof due to large amounts of rain and wind. We went with Alpine Roofing because of their reasonable price, and great customer service. They seemed to really care about the quality of work they do. After the job was done we were more than satisfied with our roof, and the whole experience of dealing with the people at Alpine Roofing. I would highly recommend their services. By Jennifer — Dec 14, 2009

Best Roofers in Dallas

We recently had a new roof installed on our business. I was thrilled with how easy Alpine Roofing made the whole roofing process. The roof looks excellent, I haven’t had any leaks since. I know if any of my other buildings have problems such as leaks, wind damage, or any other roof problems I can call Alpine Roofing Construction for a Roof contractor I trust. By Jake — May 21, 2009

This is the Roofing Company for Roofing.

This company was very professional. They were on time, they assessed the situation, gave us a complete description of what the problem was, and set-up a time to fix it. They worked with our insurance adjusters and made our roofing experience completely stress free. Alpine Roofing Construction installed the new roof and gutters on my house two months ago. They finished the entire roof within one day and had the gutters done two days later. They cleaned up after themselves and provided a great new roof. Because of their locality, i know we can depend on them for any future roofing repairs. By Dan — Feb 21, 2009

Great Roofing Experience

We used Alpine Roofing Construction on our damaged roof. They were honest and very resourceful. We had called several other companies and had no response. Jeff at Alpine made us a priority and took good care of us and our roof. We have our new roof and have not had any problems. By P Layegh — Nov 21, 2008

A great job

Alpine provided a great job on our residential roof. Responsive and great quality control I would recommend them to anyone! Great crews and supervision. By Bob H. — Nov 18, 2008

Notably good service experience

Alpine Roofing Construction was great! Our problems that no one else could solve was taken care of with the first attempt. Again, we have had numerous contractors that have failed, Alpine Roofing Construction fixed it the first time! By MM-54 — Apr 20, 2007

Very Reliable Roofing Company

I had a lot of roof damage from recent storms. I contacted Alpine Roofing for a bid, and chose to use their services. They did really good work, and were really easy to deal with. If you want your roofing job done right, I would recommend using their services Julian B. Alpine Roofing Construction

Reliable Dallas Roofing Contractor

Our firm has worked with Alpine Roofing Construction on many roofing leaks for several of our properties as well as several new roof systems installations. A local roofing firm in Dallas, they back up all their roof repair and new roof installations. They are a reliable and professional roofing contractor for all commercial and residential roofing repair and installation of any type of new roof system. I would recommend Alpine Roofing Construction for any type of roofing repair and new roofing installations. July 13, 2009 by David in Allen, TX

5 Stars: More than Great! (by Michael P.)

5 Stars: Golden Shingle Roofing (by Jason M.)

From this leak the flat roof under the wooden one have major damage over

the construction, the beams etc. This roofing company come and repair every

single damage, and our house is as new one right now.

5 Stars: great experience (by by kwiddyb at Citysearch)

We recently had our roof replaced by ARC this summer. They did and excellent job. The roofers came out early on a Saturday and worked the entire day until the job was completed. This was great to have it all done in one day and also done so well. The workers were some of the most dedicated working individuals i have ever seen. I believe the temperture was in the 100s the day it was completed.

5 Stars: Great Service (by by lakelady2008 at Citysearch)

We had an extremely good experience with the service provided by ARC. We go a slate roof installed on our home, and I love it.

5 Stars: Dallas Roofing Done Right! (by by Photography by Marcus at Citysearch)

5 Stars: ARC Was Easy to Deal With (by by jamie dombrowski at Citysearch)

Alpine Dallas Residential Roofing Dallas - Customer Testimonials

5 Stars: Great Experience with ARC (by by hbcutie1981 at Citysearch)

5 Stars: Job well done (by Cecilia A.)

5 Stars: Very Reliable Roofing Company (by Julian B.)

5 Stars: Alpine Roofing Construction is the best (by JOANN C.)

5 Stars: Best Residential Roofing Dallas Texas (by Jerry M.)

5 Stars: Commercial Roofing Contractors you can trust! (by Gene S.)

5 Stars: Highly Recommend Alpine Roofing (by John L.)

5 Stars: Best Roofing Contractor in Dallas Texas (by by GeneS39 at Citysearch)

5 Stars: Highly Recommend Alpine Roofing! (by by JerryMathews at Citysearch)

5 Stars: Alpine Roofing Construction best Roofing and Construction Firm in Dallas Fort Worth (by by jefffolsom01 at Citysearch)

5 Stars: Alpine Roofing Construction Class A Roofing Construction Firm (by joann c.)

5 Stars: Best Roofing in DFW (by by HenryS75 at Citysearch)

5 Stars: Best there is. I am in real estate and they have taken care of our firm for years (by by RealEstateGirl01 at Citysearch)

5 Stars: ARC took care of our home leak with out any problems (by by babyjack08 at Citysearch)

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