Columbia SC roofing repair specialist

Columbia SC roofing repair specialist

We are the Columbia sc roofing repair specialist. We professionally install and repair shingle roofs on residential custom homes in the Columbia South Carolina area. We also repair structural problems with roof, for instance, sags in the roof line or dips in the roof deck due to low rafters that has dropped from the home settling down on its foundation over the years. Free Columbia SC roofing estimates — All works is guaranteed.

I have a leak when it rains, should I have new roof put on my home?

Sometimes it rains allot in Columbia SC but A leak from rain in a room in your home isn’t "always" a indication that your entire roof should be replaced. Leaks caused by missing shingles from falling branches from tress or heavy winds can often be fixed or patched and the repair will usually last the remaining life expectancy of the original shingles.

When should I consider roofing my home?

When the shingles are properly applied and the roof deck is adequately ventilated, the shingles will generally last the UL rating warranty witch is from 20 years to 50 depending on the grade of shingle used to roof the home. A good indication that its time for a new roof is if you notice the shingles are curled or lifted bottom edges and between the tabs. Another good indication that your home may need a new shingles, is water leaks in specific locations such as around chimneys and along walls that meat the roofline, this indicates the roof flashing has deteriorated. Flashing typically outlast the shingles. So if the flashing has deteriorated the shingles are probably past due to be replaced. If the roofing pipe boots are cracked and dry rotted, this is a sign that the shingles may need to be inspected for repairs or replacement. If you see various tabs or shingles missing in several places that mite be a sign that the shingles are old and bridle and should be replaced. Please note that getting on top of some homes can be extremely dangerous and should only be done by a professional roofer. We are the Columbia SC roofing repair specialist. Please call or email us for a free estimate .

My shingles needs to be replaced but they haven’t been on there that long?

The main reason for shingled roofs prematurely wearing out before their times is due to poor ventilation. often Columbia sc roofing contractors don’t put enough emphasis on properly ventilating a roof. Proper ventilation can make or break a roof. Without proper ventilation the shingles literally "burn up" allot faster than they should. Not to mention making it harder to cool the home on those hot summer days. Here at A&J Roofing, unlike allot of the Columbia roofers, we make proper ventilation a top priority.

How much do Columbia sc roofing companies charge?

Columbia SC roofing repair specialist

The cost of re roofing a home is determined from mainly three different factors. The square footage, the steepness, and the amount of layers of shingles on the roof. Square footage is acquired by measuring the length and the width of the roof then multiplying the two together. The steepness of the roof affects the price. If a roof can not be walked on without the aid of toe boards the overall price goes up. If the home in need of new shingles that has two or more layers of shingles, this will increase the overall price. Most Columbia SC roof contractors go by these factors when estimating a roof.

3-Tab shingle basics

With 3 tab shingles( pictured above). a starter shingle is used under the first coarse with a 6" offset and along all rakes and eves. Then the second coarse starts with a 6" offset, this process is repeated till ridge is reached. Nails are put above the tab splits just above the black tar line. After the shingles get hot in the day then cool in the night, the strip of tar on shingles will seal against one another thus sealing further. The amount of time it takes the shingles to "seal" mainly depends on the weather or daytime temperature.

Ridge vent ventilation, what is it and do I need it?

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