How Much For A New Roof How Much Is A New Roof

How Much For A New Roof How Much Is A New Roof

The average cost for a new roof to an 1930 terrace would be about Ј4,000 / Ј5,000.

How Much To Replace A Roof?

New roofs come in all shapes and sizes so lets take a look at the most common roof types and the costs for roof repairs and replacement .

Different Roof Types

The most common roofing types in the UK are slate roofs and tiled roofs. Old slate roofs on period properties are mostly in need of replacing by now but given the age of the properties it is clear to see just how long a slate roof lasts and why the use of real slate in a replacement roof is basically the Rolls Royce of roofing.

Most period properties have slate roofs as tiled roofs came later. Original tiled roofs in the UK were basically peg tiled roofs and whilst the modern machine made equivalent is still in use the more popular tiled roof in the UK is probably Redland 49 which is an interlocking roof tile.

If you want the cheapest roof in the UK go for a Redland roof tile installation. Existing roof structures will need a little upgrading to take the extra weight but generally speaking they are sound investment for 30 years or more.

So How much For A New Roof?

The average cost for a new roof to an 1930 terrace would be about Ј4,000 / Ј5,000. On a Victorian period terrace with a back addition you are looking at Ј5,000 / Ј6,000 all in.

Dont forget prices change quite a bit depending on where you are in the country and you will generally pay more for a roof replacement in the city than the countryside mainly due to the easier access and free parking.

Slate roofs are more expensive mainly because the material costs are usually a bit more but also encase the fitting time takes longer.

Expect to pay about Ј6,000 for a new slate roof to a 1930s terrace and about Ј7,500 for a Victorian period property with back addition.

Flat roofs are a bit harder to price as there are so many options ranging from the cheapest finish of Green Emerald Felt to an hot tar Asphalt installation on a waterproof membrane.

Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

Trying to get costs for roofing repairs or maintenance is impossible as it is entirely dependent on the state of the existing roof, what needs doing and the experience of the roofing contractor. Roofing repairs are also subject to extreme differences in price.

The best option on repairs is to get loads of quotes with a breakdown on the work required and when you look at the various quotes you should have a fair idea of what actually need doing and what the costs should be.

One good tip I can give you here is that when you get multiple quotes it is not uncommon that the tradesman you like the most will not be the cheapest price. Some homeowners will go with the cheapest price whilst others will go with the tradesman that they trust or like the most. if you are one of the latter then talk to the tradesman that you would like to do the job and tell him that you would like him to do the job but you have had cheaper quotes and let him see the quotes.

Nine times out of ten I guarantee you that if you do it correctly you will get the tradesman you want at the price you want.

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