Roofing Problems Roofing Insulation Services

Roofing Problems Roofing Insulation Services

In the UK the majority of roof problems are caused by age and weather damage, spray foam insulation can offer the solution to these problems. Roof ageing can lead to many problems including nail corrosion, nail fatigue, nail rot, slate/tile damage or underpointing failure, these can leave your roof more prone to damage from high winds or rain. Spray foam insulation applied to the interior of your roof will guarantee against slate/tile loss and water ingress even in the toughest of weather conditions, our foam insulation has been tested in up to hurricane strength winds and passed with flying colours. After the installation of our spray foam insulation system we are happy to provide you with a written 25 year guarantee, insurance backed for 10 years, to guarantee against any future slate/tile loss or water ingress, providing you with complete  peace of mind and saving you the cost of any future maintenance or re-roof bills.

Domestic Roof Repairs

Rather than re-roofing, or constantly paying to maintain, the roof on your property, spray foam insulation can offer a maintenance-free, water-tight and highly insulated roof in one installation. Our experienced installation teams can carry out any remedial repair work required to your roof, such as replacing slates or tiles or repairing lead work, to make sure your roof is water-tight. When they are satisfied with the roof they will then install our polyurethane sprayed foam insulation directly to the interior, this will bond, seal and insulate your roof and leave you with a loft space which you can use in comfort. We can also offer to supply and fit a full range of Velux roof windows to complete the transformation of your loft. Adding natural light to your cleaner, warmer and dryer loft space can transform your loft into a playroom for the kids, an office area or just extra space for storage, depending on what you want to do with it.

Sprayed foam roof insulation is a rigid polyurethane foam specifically designed for application on the interior of roofs, where it is used to bond and seal the roof substrate to prevent slate/tile loss and guarantee against water ingress. Once our installation team has carried out a full technical assessment of your roof, and completed any necessary repair works, they will then begin the process of installing our spray foam system. The foam insulation system comes fully self-contained on our vehicles, the only equipment required in your home is a fully protected heated hose carrying the foam. Our polyurethane rigid foam insulation is applied to your roof through a heated hose and high pressure triggering mechanism, the foam goes onto the roof as a high pressure liquid, allowing it to seek and seal any gaps in the roof and fully adhere to the surface, before rapidly curing into a rigid foam insulation which seals and bonds the roof into one continuous structure with excellent thermal insulation properties.

Domestic Roof Insulated

Roofing Insulation Services spray foam insulation can help you solve any current roof problems, including:

  • Slipping slates/tiles
  • Broken slates/tiles
  • Nail corrosion
  • Nail rot
  • Storm/wind damage
  • Missing or damaged felt
  • Leaking roof
  • Loose mortar pointing on inside of roof
  • Condensation problems
  • Cold, dusty, draughty loft space
  • Wind, snow or water ingress

without the need for a costly, disruptive and time consuming re-roof. Our fully trained and experienced installation teams will carry out all necessary repair works to your roof, including:

Domestic Roof Protected

  • Replace any slipped or missing slates/tiles
  • Change any cracked, broken or shaled slates/tiles
  • Replace any missing, slipped or broken hip/ridge tiles
  • Re-point hip/ridge tiles where required
  • Replace/repair any damaged or missing lead-work to chimneys/valleys
  • Remove any loose mortar pointing from the inside of the roof
  • Remove any old or damaged roof felt

to ensure that your roof will stand the test of time. Once any necessary repair work is carried out and our spray foam insulation system is installed, you can have complete peace of mind that you will no longer have the worry or expense of any roof repairs in the future.

To find out more about our services why not take our Online Survey. where you can provide some details of your roof and we can work out an estimate on price.

To see practical examples of where our spray foam insulation has been used, take a look at our Case Studies page where we have examples of previous works.

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