Tips in Selecting Roofing Materials Landmark Shingles

Tips in Selecting Roofing Materials Landmark Shingles

Roofing materials are the outermost layers fixed on a roof. They are mostly supported by an underlying structure or can be self-supporting. The main purpose of roofing materials is to provide shelter and insulation from the natural elements such as heat and rainfall. There are different types of roofing materials based on the supporting structure and the material used.

Landmark shingles take house roofing to a whole different level. They are durable and have a wide array of colors that suit any kind of outer wall color. Landmark shingles are manufactured with sealing adhesive strips with a wide nailing zone which gives them an edge over their competitors. These features allow easy installation so roofing your house is done quickly.

Types of Commercial Roofing Materials

There are roofing materials which are used for commercial purposes. Commercial roofing uses natural products such as slate or thatch to produced materials such as tiles. Some of the common types of commercial roofing materials include;

  • Thatch -This is roofing made of plant stalks that overlap in layers. Plant stalks used in thatching include wheat straw, sea grass. and rye.
  • Tips in Selecting Roofing Materials Landmark Shingles
  • Shingles -This is roofing made from any type of material that has overlapping sections. The term shingles is also commonly used to refer to wooden materials for roofing. Examples of shingles used include red cedar and hard wood .
  • Slate -This is an expensive roofing material that is very durable and reliable. Slate is used in thin sheets so as to make them lighter than concrete tiles. although they are much heavier than steel sheets.
  • Stone slab -These are heavy roofing materials that are one to two inches thick. Stone slab roofing materials require a very heavy structure for support and the advantage of this is that it can withstand heavy storms and harsh weather conditions .
  • Copper — Copper sheets are lighter than wooden, tile, slate or lead roofing materials. It also has a very long life span and is easy to maintain.

Caring for Your Roof

Prevention of damage is always way cheaper than repair. The lifespan of a roof is determined by the care and maintenance that goes into it. A few maintenance tips of all types of roofing include the following:

  • Clearing the debris from the roof, gutters and water outlets
  • Checking out the water outlets for blockage to ensure free flowing of water
  • Cutting tree branches that are low on the roof to prevent blockage
  • Removing vegetation growth from the roof to ensure that the tiles are in place and still in good condition.

Roofing materials. whatever they are made of, can live up to their lifespan when properly taken care of. For quality roofing, visit your favorite hardware and browse through their catalogs. You can also ask for professional advice from architects and designers to help you get the best for your home.

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