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Complaint Category: Delayed completion of service

Complaint: In April 2014, Jorve employees came to our home to give us a bid for siding our house. We accepted their bid and it was agreed that the work would be scheduled to start on May 27th. On the evening of May 27th, we came home and Jorve hadn’t done any work that day. We called and emailed our project manager ***** ***** at Jorve to ask why the project hadn’t started yet. **** was extremely hard to get a hold of and claimed he had no idea why his crew hadn’t shown up. He said he would look into it and let us know by the next day. For a week or two, we tried to work with him to understand what the hold up was (meanwhile, the project still hadn’t started). Throughout this time, **** was often unavailable by phone and would not call us back. He also stopped responding to our emails. It was so bad that we had to contact the corporate office and talk to *** ****** (lead project manager). He did some research and discovered that our project had never been put on the company’s calendar nor had our materials ever been ordered, even though we had a signed contract along with a credit application which I had personally delivered to their offices. He explained that he didn’t know how it happened and was extremely apologetic saying he would do what he could to accommodate us. He also told us that they had several members of their crew who had recently quit and 1 who was hurt so they were short on staff. We traded a couple phone calls with *** over the course of a week and a half where he repeatedly told us Jorve would resolve the situation. No resolution was found and *** put us in contact with **** ********** (general manager). **** was very apologetic and said they would figure it out ASAP. We have been working with **** for an additional 3 weeks trying to figure out when they will be able to start our project. We have exchanged numerous emails with **** where he states they will have it resolved within a day or two; a solution is never actually presented and we continue to get strung along. We had a layer of asbestos siding removed from our house in May by a professional abatement company because we had Jorve lined up to reside the house the following week. Now it has been exposed for 5 weeks and we still don’t have a date set for the start of the project. Lead based paint was discovered on the cedar shakes underneath the asbestos that was removed so this added a layer of difficulty for Jorve in that they would have to find someone who was certified to remove that as well. However, this siding was exposed on the back of the house and known to Jorve since April when they visited the house and gave us the initial bid. In our latest email to Jorve:


I’m hoping we can get some traction here. Your last email said you would get back to me "by tomorrow at the latest", that was 4 days ago. I understand the constraints with labor availability and the unforeseen scheduling challenges you’re facing. However, we must be able to get something firm down on the calendar. Jorve originally committed to starting our job over a month ago, and we booked that start date over a month before that. Our house is sitting unprotected from the weather, and looks terrible. We scheduled the old asbestos siding removal to coincide with installation — that siding has now been gone since mid may. Jorve must have more than one crew, if they’re busy with another job, maybe another customer can be delayed a few weeks. we’ve already been delayed over a month. See what you can do, and let me know if you’d like to chat. If we can’t get going immediately, perhaps we schedule something firm for 8/4.



In an earlier email we explained that we could look for someone to remove our lead paint siding so they don’t need to have someone who is certified to do that. The response from **** was, "Lookin for some traction tonite with another guy. Barring that, we may be out, " (**** has been looking for subcontractors since they are understaffed) I assume meaning they won’t do our project. We have a signed contract with them and it is too late into the warm months to get another contractor on the calendar to do our project. Throughout the whole process, the communication has been poor and often they say they will call, "tomorrow at the latest," then don’t call and we have to contact them 5 days later to figure out what’s going on. The customer service has been quite poor and they are not honoring their contract with us that says they will side our house. The only disclaimer for the start date on their contract says *Tentative start date is weather dependent and may change if the project preceding yours requires additional time.* I don’t think our project has been delayed 5 weeks so far because of weather or another project that has gone 5 weeks over schedule. It has been delayed because of poor communication and organization within the company.

Initial Business Response

Response is to the written notification received by Jorve July 17th 2014.

In recognition of the fact that Jorve was unable to deliver on the siding installation referenced (due to staffing challenges that occurred after the agreement), an effort was agreed upon by both parties to allow the ******* to move forward with the project on their own without Jorve; ******* ****** met with Jorve on July 14th and together we terminated the agreement. The paperwork has been cancelled and the ******’s deposit has been credited/returned.

It is our impression, and understanding, that the complaint has been resolved.

Complaint Resolution: Company addressed the complaint issues. The consumer failed to acknowledge acceptance to BBB.

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