Maryland Roof Estimate — New Roof — Md Roofers

Maryland Roof Estimate - New Roof - Md Roofers

Get a "No Hassle" Md Roof Estimate Today: You Save Time, Money, and Headaches!

Yes, that’s me, Bill Thomas, in the middle of another roof analysis and estimate — making sure that you get all of the pictures, videos, diagrams, and other information you need so you can make a truly informed decision regarding your new roof.

So what’s up with the computer on the roof? Well, sending your personalized estimate via the internet is the best way for me to get you the information you need right away, so that we can get your new roofing project going and avoid damage to your home.

The Problem With Getting Roofing Estimates

Let’s face it, getting roof estimates can be a real hassle. Meeting with three or four roofing contractors can take hours, days, or sometimes even a week or more! That’s a big wasted chunk out of your busy schedule. It’s time consuming but it doesn’t have to be. Plus, people tell me that half of the roofers they called never even show up! So, sometimes you’re at the mercy of picking from the ones that just make the appointment.

Which Md Roofer Can I Trust to Tell Me What I Really Need?"

Can you believe that many roofing salesman never even get up on the roof to make an inspection? I can’t believe it either. How would they ever have a clue what hidden problems are lurking under the shingles, flashings, vents, or fascia for that matter? I don’t know.

Do you think they charge the top price, expecting to replace all those things? Or do you think they could "lowball" the price and then hit you with "the big surprise" upcharge when they’re actually on the roof doing the work? I know that both of these things happen because in my "almost 40" years of being in the roofing business, I’ve seen it -and heard about it- a lot.

Will I Get The Best Roof Installation?"

It surprises me that when I ask homeowners if their roofer did a good job, they respond, "I don’t know — we’ll see when it rains." That’s a lot of pressure wondering if your roof was done right, and worrying about bad weather. Especially if you’ve had a bad experience or two with roofers.

Having said that, we are often called upon to repair roofs that are less than five (5) years old. Sometimes, the installer can’t even fix the problem, if he can be found. so the homeowner calls us. We have plenty of photos in our "Pictures" section on this website that prove it.

Don’t put yourself in that position.

Here’s How We Simplify Getting A Roof Estimate:

Unlike many roofing salesmen, I always get up on the roof and inspect every square foot. While I’m inspecting, I’m also taking high quality digital pictures and video of your roof to show you things you need to know to make better, more informed decisions.

It’s all documented and you get to actually see it online!

Personalized Online Pictures and Video Help You See What’s Happening

I’ll immediately process the pictures and video put them online where they’re easy for you to see. Then I will send a link to your email. All you have to do is click on the link, and all of the information you need will be there. Plus, you can share the link with others; or pass it along to friends who may also need our roofing services.

It’s much easier to make smarter decisions when you’re informed and not under pressure. You can review your material in comfort, wherever and whenever you wish. and because I am posting your pictures and video on "your own special web page", no large files are being transferred by email.

Your computer won’t slow down to a crawl or be at risk of being infected with a virus. And, you won’t have to deal with any "High Pressure" salesman. That might be the best part of all.

Our "Fixed Pricing" Policy Eliminates Costly Surprises

Maryland Roof Estimate - New Roof - Md Roofers

Detailed pricing information will be addressed in our "fixed price proposal". There will be NO upsells, NO add-ons, NO surprises, or any other type of "monkey business". There will be NO hourly rate charges or other variable pricing methods. If there’s a risk of questionable plywood that we can’t see until we remove some shingles, we’ll quote a fixed price per square foot beforehand and then completely document the replacement with photos (after talking to you first, of course).

Please don’t ever sign a contract with anyone that doesn’t completely close all of the "loopholes" concerning price. And please stay away from those "bottom feeders" that sell on low price only. There is usually a reason that they have to cut their prices way down to get the work.

Follow Up Pictures And A Ten (10) Year No Leak Guarantee Offer Security and Peace-Of-Mind.

OK, now that we’ve solved the first two problems, let’s concentrate on the follow up. Over the years many of my customers have enjoyed seeing "close ups" of their completed roofing work. So a couple of years ago I just made before, during, and after pictures our standard procedure. Folks really like looking at the quality of the work and verifying that all of the work was done right, as promised.

Plus, we really don’t want you to risk getting up on your roof just to have a look. Leave that to a professional, please.

In additional to the shingle manufacturer’s materials warranty, we issue you a "Ten (10) Year No Leak Guarantee" that covers all of the labor required for us to fix unexpected leaks in the first ten years after our installation. No questions asked and no strings attached!

Plus Limited Time Free Upgrades Totalling Up to $1,797.00. Or More!

Yes, it’s true; for a limited time, I’m throwing in our "Signature Upgrades" at no additional cost. I won’t be offering this forever — so take advantage of it while you can:

  • Free "Ice and Water System" Upgrade — Save $600.00
  • Free Synthetic Underlayment Upgrade — Save $500.00
  • Free Shingle Vent Ridge Vent Upgrade — Save $697.00
  • Total Free Upgrades Save Up To $1,797.00 or More!

(based on average house roof size of 24 squares, details here )

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