Pros and Cons of Spray Foam Roofing Roof Insulation with Spray Foam in Manhattan, Salina, Emporia,

We believe that spray foam roofing is by far the best roofing and roof insulation treatment for large buildings of all types, including factories, warehouses, offices, schools and hospitals. But because selecting a roofing treatment for a large building is such a major decision, it’s important to consider all the pros and cons behind each roofing choice. Here and the PROs & CONs of spray foam roofing:

  • Complete waterproofing. Applying spray foam on top of the roof structure creates a seamless waterproof layer that provides more complete, failsafe waterproofing than other roofing options. Spray foam is frequently described as "self flashing" because it eliminates the need for numerous separate flashing treatments at roof edges, parapet walls and around roof penetrations.
  • Complete air sealing. Spray foam adheres and expands as it’s applied, sealing gaps and filling voids. It’s the most effective way to eliminate air leaks that waste energy by allowing conditioned interior air to escape to the outside.
  • Excellent R-value. Closed-cell spray foam has the highest insulation value of any commonly available insulation material up to R-7 per in. When you apply a continuous layer of this high-R insulation on top of the roof, you’re creating an excellent thermal barrier that brings the mass of the roof structure inside the building’s thermal envelope.
  • Low maintenance. With spray foam exterior roof insulation, you won’t have the worry or expense of sealing leaks around flashing, membrane seams or roof penetrations. The insulation doesn’t degrade. The only maintenance typically required is to renew the top UV-barrier approximately every 5 years.
  • Lower cooling costs. The protective UV barrier on spray foam roofing is also highly reflective. Combine this high reflectivity with spray foam’s superior insulating value and you’ve got the recipe for a cool roof, which will lower air conditioning costs substantially. Some customers report cutting cooling costs by as much as 50%.
  • Improved comfort. Eliminating air leaks through the roof, combined with spray foam’s excellent insulating value, helps to create an interior space free of hot or cold spots. Climate control is easier and less costly. Durable, long-lasting performance. Unlike fiberglass insulation, spray foam won’t shift, settle or compress over time. It stays in place and maintains its R-value.
  • Quick project completion. Spray foam roof insulation accomplishes air sealing, waterproofing and insulation in a single application step. Many spray foam roofing installations can be completed in a single day. A quieter building. Spray roam roofing insulates effectively against sound transmission. It will also minimize or eliminate the cracking and creaking that occurs as the building’s roof expands or contracts in response to outside temperature changes.
  • Misinformation. Because spray foam differs from other types of insulation in many ways (and outperforms other insulation materials), some companies and individuals spread inaccuracies about spray foam’s characteristics.
  • Incorrect application. Spray foam is produced by means of a controlled chemical reaction that takes place when two liquid compounds are blended. The mixing and application equipment for spray foam must be carefully maintained and calibrated. Experienced applicators have no problem completing perfect spray foam installations, but inexperienced technicians can make mistakes that result in uneven applications.
  • Temperature and weather limitations. Exterior applications of spray foam shouldn’t take place during wet, cold or windy weather.
  • Overspray. Spray foam that’s carried by the breeze can adhere to objects adjacent to the application site. To protect car finishes during spray foam installation, vehicles should be moved away from the area immediately surrounding the building.

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