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Roof Restoration ICC Roofing Company

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Advantages of a Roof Restoration …….What types of commercial roofs or industrial roofs qualify for a “Roof Restoration”. With proper roofing materials and roofing systems most roofs can be restored such as: Flat Roof, Commercial Roof, Metal Roof, Spray Foam Roof, Single-Ply, EPDM, TPO, PVC, Built-Up Roof, Tar Roof, Asphalt Roof, Tar and Gravel, and other Low Slope Roofs.

Roof Restoration is the process of preserving an existing roofing system or roof membrane. Sometimes roofing contractors will have a difference in opinion as to what roofing products or roofing systems to use on a roof restoration. ICC Roofing uses a combination of Spray Foam Roofs, Urethane Coating, or Acrylic Coating. Our choice as to what material and which system depends on the needs of the customer and condition of their existing roofing system. We depend highly on our three keys to Commercial and Industrial Roofing ; Waterproofing, Roof Insulation, and Sustainability.

Any building that is being heated and cooled should consider having ICC install a Spray Foam Roof. The Roof Insulation benefits of Spray Foam far outweigh that of any flat board stock insulation material. Really there is no comparison. Think of it like this, when you place your hand on the outside of your freezer it doesn’t get cold. That is because it is encapsulated with Polyurethane Foam the same material we are applying to roofs except engineered to be tough enough to handle a roof top. Other key features to Spray Foam Roofs are fully adhered, closed cell structure, rigid, monolithic membrane, and no thermal bridging. You can believe it when we say that no other roofing product can perform as well or create a return on investment (ROI) like a Spray Foam Roof. However, Spray Foam needs to be protected from the sun’s U.V. rays. To do this we apply a roof coating such as urethane coating or acrylic coating.

We use urethane coating and acrylic coating for very specific reasons. Both can be applied to Spray Foam and most other roof systems previously mentioned. However, the chemistry of each coating is vastly different and one works better than the other in certain situations. We suggest using urethane or acrylic based on ponding water issues, type of existing roof substrate, elements to which the roof will be subject to, resistance to hail damage, and customers overall budget. Roof Coatings can be applied directly to an existing roof without the use of Spray Foam if the customer has no need for roof insulation. Advantages to applying a roof coating to an existing roof membrane are waterproofing, extending the service life, reflectivity, tax incentives, and sustainability.

Another Roof Restoration process is a Metal Roof Restoration. There are billions of square feet of metal roofs installed in the United States today. Any standing seam or R-Panel metal roof that has been installed for 20 years or more has had some type of repairs. At some point putting money into roof repairs becomes costly and a choice has to be made to restore or replace. Replacing metal roof panels can be extremely costly and high risk to the customer. Metal prices have soared over the past 10 years which makes it a huge sticker price as an option. Another disadvantage to replacing metal panels is the risk that is involved when exposing the inside of a building to the elements. Water could be a factor or loose debris, tools, or materials could fall inside the building. Some companies cannot afford to have a portion or all of their business shut down for even a day as it will cost them huge in profits and issues delivering goods on time. So the best option when your metal roof is leaky and to pesky to fix is a Metal Roof Restoration. Here we wash the roof, prime and stop all surface rust, seal all seams and fasteners, and apply a monolithic elastomeric roof coating. This will extend the service life of the metal roof indefinitely. The only thing the building owner is required to do once installed is maintain the surface or finish coat.

Maintaining or renewing the surface/finish coat is all that is necessary for the future of the building once a Spray Foam Roof or Roof Coating application is applied. Typically once the finish coat is renewed your roofing contractor or manufacturer will honor the original roof warranty for the same time period. Now you see the beauty of sustainability. So instead of having a conventional roofer tear-off and replace your aging roof have ICC Roofing bring your roof back to life with a “Roof Restoration ”.

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