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Intended for home and commercial building applications, spray foam is applied on different roof systems, walls, attics, and for other purposes. The benefits of spray foam are multifaceted and of great value to commercial building owners and homeowners alike. For one, it has an exceptionally high r-value for tremendous heat-insulating and energy-saving power. Because of its thickness, spray foam also conveys multiple other benefits, including:

  • Reinforces a home or buildings structural support
  • Produces strong savings on heating and cooling costs year-round
  • Cuts down on energy-draining air infiltration
  • Adds strong structural support without much additional deadweight
  • Serves as a fantastic solution for soundproofing a home or building
  • Has a long product life expectancy

With all the benefits that this product gives, its no wonder why so many turn to it for a long-term, energy-saving and protection-enhancing solution.

We use Gaco Western spray foam product for our customers needs. With a 6.5 r-value per inch (insulation value), Gaco spray foam insulation is ideal for insulating applications in buildings and homes.

Spray Foam Roofing

Leveraging 25 years of expertise, we offer spray foam install application and reapplication services in Oklahoma and Texas. Spray foam adheres to almost everything, so it is capable of being applied to just about every type of roof system, including existing roofs made of wood and steel. Because it is spray-applied, spray foam roofing lets building owners save heavily on expensive roof tear-off and disposal costs.

When it is applied, polyurethane spray foam initially comes out as a liquid application. The foam quickly then expands to 30 times its original size and forms a thick, tight seal across cracks and crevices as well as a weather-tight roofing membrane across an entire rooftop. It’s not unusual for a spray foam roof system to last up to 30 years or longer, largely free of any troublesome leaks or other roofing issues. It’s also a proven roofing solution that holds up in extreme weather and outdoor conditions.

Once our contractors have applied the base foam layering, they place a top layer of durable elastomeric or silicone roof coatings for greater weather resistance and energy efficiency. The roof coatings we use leave an existing roof with a white surface that is capable of reflecting up to 85% of harmful UV rays. That ultimately results in a greatly reduced rooftop temperature and an even longer lifecycle for the spray foam-applied roof.

Spray Foam Insulation Attics

Spray foam insulation can be used for homes and commercial buildings. Studies show that buildings with spray foam insulation consistently insulate 30-50% better than regular insulation materials. In fact, for homeowners that can result in up to 50% energy cost savings on a monthly basis. In addition to huge heating bill savings, applying spray foam insulation in an attic helps seal airflow and cool down air ducts that are situated in the attic. Application of this great insulant in your attic also helps prevent the build-up of moisture, which can lead to the unwelcome appearance of mold or mildew. Many homeowners also qualify for state and federal tax deductions when they have spray foam applied in their homes.

Spray Foam Insulation Walls

A U.S. Department of Energy study shows that up to 40% of a building or home’s aggregate energy loss is attributable to air infiltration through the home or building’s walls, windows, and doors. For wall insulation, spray foam is applied in areas including crawl spaces, stud walls, areas around plumbing fixtures, and areas around rim joists. It can be used as a sealant around electrical outlets as well.

With the energy savings this interior insulation produces, a homeowner or building owner can cover the total costs of insulation in just 5 years or less.

Spray Foam and Other Uses

In addition to these benefits, many homeowners and building owners opt for spray foam applications for practical reasons. These reasons include:

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