The Green Building — Gowanus — Brooklyn, NY Yelp

The Green Building - Gowanus - Brooklyn, NY Yelp

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“Akiva was great to work with but the Green Building isnt his full time gig so he is hard to get a hold of.” in 4 reviews

“As a caterer and event planner, I am always thrilled when my clients tell me they are booked at the Green Building!” in 7 reviews

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I got married here last week and had a beautiful wedding, thanks in large part to the Green Building.


1) GORGEOUS space. Unique and charming, it basically decorates itself.  Exposed brick walls, chandeliers, and tons of natural lighting — so beautiful with a vintage feel.  I was able to keep my own decorations to a minimum.

2) Professional service.  The bad reviews below seem to be from a time when the Green Building was in transition, and Im happy to report that the kinks seem to have been worked out.  AC was completely functional, staff were responsive to emails throughout the planning process, and the event ran very smoothly.

Example: our venue coordinator at the Green Building up and quit without warning (the day after Id met with her for our run-through — yikes!), and the Green Building not only replaced her immediately, they also comped our rentals for the inconvenience.  The new coordinator was completely briefed on our plans, and the transition was seamless.

The on-site coordinator, back-end managers, etc. were all friendly and professional.  Everything went great during our wedding.

3) Flexibility.  You can bring in any vendors you want, which worked out perfectly for our purposes.  Before planning my own wedding, I didnt even realize that many venues place all sorts of restrictions on this, so I was relieved that the Green Building was good with pretty much whatever (as long as it was legal, licensed, and insured, of course).  Also, our caterers did not speak English, and they just rolled with it.  Everything worked out beautifully.


1) All the little extras cost. well, extra. It all adds up.  They are very upfront about this, but since the furniture rentals are all through the Green Building, it would be nice if these were included in the cost of renting the venue. Instead, they are priced per chair, per table, etc.  As I stated above, my rentals were comped, which was great, but mine was also a unique situation.  For my 150 sit down dinner (plus the light curtain), this would have run me close to $1000 extra.

The raw space wedding trend is fine for what it is, but if you have to rent furniture through the venue, it kind of defeats the purpose.

(Also, the rental list says the round tables seat 8-10 people, but the coordinator told me aside that it really doesnt seat 10 and that 9 is a squeeze.  Just FYI.)

2) Outdoor space cost.  This beautiful extra space was created sometime between the time I signed the contract and the date of my wedding, and through a communication blip, I didnt know about it until I visited the space to drop off a payment a month before the wedding.  For next years events, I hear its included in the rental package, which is great for everyone else, but for me, it would have cost an extra $1500.  That close to the wedding, I couldnt (wouldnt) hustle up the extra cash on the spot, and so the gorgeous space was closed off to my guests.  I guess this is just another transitional issue as the Green Building continues to improve, but it was frustrating nonetheless.

3)  No parking except street parking.  This isnt the fault of the Green Building, but it should be a consideration in their pricing schedule.  This is Brooklyn, not Manhattan — people own cars and use them to get around.  We told all our guests to carpool, take public transport, and take car service, and everything worked out, but it is a mild inconvenience, especially as many of our guests were coming in from Jersey suburbs.


Overall, I had an amazing wedding, and my guests raved about how beautiful and unique the Green Building is.  It gave me a little bit of sticker shock, but relatively (relative to the *insane* wedding industry, especially in NYC), its decent value.  Cant wait to see the pictures!

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