What Is Roofers Insurance eHow

What Is Roofers Insurance eHow

Worker’s Compensation

Worker’s compensation insurance protects the employees of the roofing company. This insurance is a policy that pays for medical expenses of injured employees. Instead of going to a private doctor and billing a person’s medical insurance, an injured roofer seeks a workers’ compensation doctor and gets treatment. Being able to show a certificate of worker’s compensation coverage eases the minds of homeowners and property owners worried about injuries that might occur on their property.

General Liability

Roofing contractors should buy general liability insurance that protects the public. If a person gets injured by a falling object on a roofing job site, for example, she might sue the contractor and perhaps even the property owner for the damages. If a roofing contractor buys enough general liability coverage, this protects him and his business, preventing paying out damages from business and personal assets. Such a claim could put a roofing contractor out of business.

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