About the House — Steel -

About the House - Steel -

Home security and safety are more important than ever, and a COLORBOND steel roof provides valuable protection for people and property alike. Home security experts advise that a truly determined thief can gain access to a house by lifting a few tiles on the roof and coming through a man-hole. COLORBOND steel, securely screwed to the roof frame in continuous sheets from eaves to ridge capping, provides a strong deterrent to this type of thief.

The strong, secure fixing of a COLORBOND steel roof to the frame makes it the preferred option in high wind areas. It not only resists hail and the heaviest rain storms, but it also withstands flying debris and falling branches, protecting your family and possessions. A COLORBOND steel roof also protects against the ravages of nature. It is ideal in bushfire-prone areas, where it provides a secure, fire-proof barrier to keep out flying embers.

Colour Range

COLORBOND steel comes in more than a dozen standard colours to satisfy the tastes of Australian home buyers. The COLORBOND steel colour range suits the whole spectrum of architectural styles, from period reproductions to the clean-cut contemporary designs. It includes the subtle, muted tones of the Australian bush to blend with nature, but also offers the bold architectural colours which can make a house stand out in any company.

With COLORBOND steel it is easy to coordinate the entire colour scheme of a home to achieve a stylish, harmonious effect.

COLORBOND steel can be used for guttering and spouting, facias and eaves, garage doors and fences — perfectly matched and sharing the long life and low maintenance properties of the roof.

Colour matching can also extend to paintwork, as major paint manufacturers include COLORBOND steel colours in their ranges. For other metal work such as railings, screens and balustrades, powder coating can provide a perfect match for your COLORBOND steel roof.

The range of COLORBOND steel colours is expanded from time to time to complement evolving trends in architectural styles and colour preferences.

The COLORBOND pre-painted steel colours shown here have been reproduced as accurately as possible. However, we recommend checking your chosen colour against an actual sample of the product before purchasing. To find out what colours are available in your State, contact your nearest dealer.

Range of Profiles

COLORBOND steel roofing offers an exceptionally wide and versatile selection of roll-formed profiles to suit every building. The most popular and enduring choice for Australian roofs is the traditional corrugated profile which has graced buildings of every imaginable size and style for more than a century.

About the House - Steel -

But COLORBOND steel provides many alternatives where a roof has different structural characteristics or an individual look. Leading roll formers variations on established profiles and some have developed specialties to suit niche markets.

Deeply ribbed pan profiles suit very flat roofs and designs where the sharp relief of the strengthening ribs complements the style of the home. Other profiles include angular variations on the standard corrugated theme, and smaller corrugated profiles commonly referred to as ripple iron.

COLORBOND steel can also be curved along the length of the sheet, offering almost limitless options ranging from traditional bullnosing to a gentle curve across a wide expanse of roof. The wide variety of profiles ensures that COLORBOND steel can be applied to any type of roof, or as a soffit lining or even the final finish for a ceiling.

One of the biggest attractions of steel is its flexibility in terms of the slope of roof you can design. Traydecks are the most versatile as they can be used on roofs as low as 1 degree with proper design and installation. On roofs where the pitch is still low, but not as critical, traditional profiles may be used.

With COLORBOND steel, the only limit is the imagination of the client, builder and architect.

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