Colorbond Roofing Brisbane MASTERBUILD ROOFING Colorbond Steel Roofing, Colorbond Brisbane, Qld

Colorbond Roofing Brisbane MASTERBUILD ROOFING Colorbond Steel Roofing, Colorbond Brisbane, Qld

Colorbond® & Roofing Colors

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Colored roofs excellently add aesthetic value to your house or building, turning them into beautiful properties that are pleasing

to the eye. By choosing the right roofing colors, you can actually blend the look of the roof to the entire view of your house. But more than just the visuals, the color of your roof also plays an important role in the overall function of your house. Light colored roofs have been proven to better reflect more of the sun’s heat, thereby affecting the temperature inside the house, while dark colored roofing seems to absorb more heat that goes into the home or building. If you need expert advice in choosing the right color for your roof, we are here to help you all throughout the process. We are Masterbuild Roofing and we love mixing and matching roofing colors to your satisfaction.

The Colorbond® Advantage

Australia’s most popular pre-painted steel roof, Colorbond®, has been giving home owners plenty of option when it comes to roofing colors. From evening haze and pale eucalypt to wilderness and cottage green colored roofs, Colorbond® is simply the top colored steel roof in the country today. And yes, Masterbuild Roofing also offers Colorbond® steel roofs, guttering, and downpipes to residential and commercial clients because we know that Colorbond® has excellent features, which cannot be found in any other steel roofs, including:

  • Proven durable and strong make
  • Long lasting performance
  • Thermal-efficiency capabilities
  • Plenty of colors to mix and match

We provide expert installation of Colorbond® steel roofs for both residential and commercial use, utilizing the color of your choice. Colorbond® features 20 amazing steel roof colors that will surely blend with the design and overall look of your house or building and complement with your guttering, downpipes, or the general feel of the house. As BlueScope Steel, the Australian manufacturer and developer of the popular Colorbond®, continues to innovate in order to provide the best quality pre-painted steel roofs, we will also continue to recommend Colorbond® to our roofing clients.

The Roofing Colors Expert

If you are having a hard time choosing the right color, you can talk to us for a no-obligation, cost-free assessment and evaluation. We will inspect your property – its overall color, its surroundings, its interior design – and recommend the right color combination for your house or building. Or if it is a new house that you are planning to build, we can take a look at your house plan and then suggest the right roofing color for a totally amazing look. We will always recommend Colorbond® if you want colored roofs, but we also have other brands and colored roof styles that you can choose from, depending on your roofing requirements. After all, our roofing works will always be tailored to provide you with a personalized approach to all your roofing needs. If you want Colorbond ® roofs or other colored roofs for your house or building, trust that we will always have the right roof and the right recommendations for you. We are Masterbuild Roofing Brisbane and we are here to serve you!

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